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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

FO for thought


I finished the ruffle-like scarf yesterday evening. I tried it on, and immediately decided I didn't like it. Today, I'm feeling more kindly to it. My problem with it is that I feel like Grace (from Will and Grace) when she wears those silly ruffled shirts that can make her look clownish. I think I need to be skinnier to pull off this scarf. I even tried the nice plain black shirt to go with it so my upper body wasn't too busy looking. Bah! I'll wear it anyways...

and dude! what's wrong with my expression in this picture? I didn't even know I could raise one corner of my mouth like that when I smile. Is part of my brain going dead and causing my muscles to relax on one side? sheesh. I blame the lipstick. It was new. I took it off immediately after the photo. Already I feel a million times better!

Today the Fry Along officially starts up even though I already made my bacon and egg so I cast on for one of the sides of the bag while I was on the bus to work! I contemplated doing a different sort of bag (more square) and putting the fried goods on that, but I didn't really feel like that was in the spirit of the KAL. Plus, it looks more omelety in it's round state.

Look what came in the mail from recent ebay purchases!
Now don't be jealous now. This is the first time I've had such luxury...
oh yeah it's my kidsilk haze

I'm thinking of doing a scarf or a loose cowl that can be pulled up over my head. Anyone have any good patterns they could recommend?

I also got a huge ball o' goodness... er roving. and some size 3 dpns (the smallest needles I own yet!!)

I happily got a chance to spin a wee bit while ervy ate dinner last night. I finished up the green on the bobbin, and swapped out to some roving I had dip dyed on the stove. So this roving:

became/is becoming this yarn:

it's all self stripey and exciting... or at least I think it's exciting. but I may be turning into a spinning geek. shh... don't tell anyone!

Just as I started to type this out, I got an email telling me that Lisa Brown (The Slip Knot Pixie) RAOK'd me with a gift certificate from Adagio Teas! Thanks Lisa! I've been eyeing that ingenuitea device. nobody tell ervy. he barely reads my blog anymore so I don't worry too much he'll see this. I want it to be a surprise as I know he was interested in the Ingenuitea as well! Thanks Lisa!!

On a final note, Asha has been irritated with me for not posting enough pictures of her here. Umm... vain much? Look at that face... oh yeah she's plotting something


Abigail said...

Fry Along? Omelety? Tell me more! :)

Agnes said...

Your cat is gorgeous!
The scarf isn't that bad ... relax, you look good with it. :)

fishgirl182 said...

i think the scarf looks very nice. i might actually try and make my own sometime. and kidsilk is so pretty. i have 1 ball but just keep petting it instead of using it. can't wait to see your cowl!

Lori said...

thanks Tweezer! I can't wait to see my finished cowl either... it just seems to be taking forever to knit :)

Amie said...

2 great patterns for mohair, which you can make whatever shape you like:

Pattern 1: CO Even #, *YO, p2tog* across, every row.

Pattern 2: CO Even #,
Rows 1,2,3 - *K1, Double YO*
Row 4 - K all K stitches, letting YO drop off

Lori said...

Thanks amie! I'll try those sometime either with the second ball of kidsilk haze or one of my balls of geisha.

hthr said...

Asha has such lovely eyes.

Jenn said...

Meow Asha! What pretty eyes you have!

For the record, I like the ruffled scarf. Looks good with a plain black top. Not at all Grace Adler-esque. :)

And I absolutely adore the Ingenuitea gizmo. I got one and loved it so much I ordered another so I could have one at work and one at home.

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