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Thursday, February 03, 2005

one handed blog post

I'll keep this short since I've only got one hand. Asha has decided to take a nap across my left hand and a quarter of th keyboard. Sometimes when she shifts, she'll hit some combo of buttons that turn my typed letters into numbers. She has also figured out how to turn my delete key into a backspace key... something I've been trying to figure out for months. now i know it has something to do with the lower bottom left of the keyboard.

she somehow quit out of photoshop, otherwise y'all might have gotten a pic of the kitty. she's just too cute to move.

here's my cowl in progress. I did 4 more rows yesterday. 4 rows is about an inch of fabric for me. I have to get 12", so maybe in 12 days I'll have a cowl.

I made a couple lead stitch markers. On is a handmade glass frog I bought from a bead artist a couple years ago, the other is a faux stone flower made from polymer clay.

here's another set of green glass stitch markers. the beads have pretty whit crackles running through them which reminds me of wave crests.


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