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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

my internal clock has a wicked sense of humor

even though I didn't have to wake up early for jury duty, I still woke up naturally at 7 AM. Why? I never get up at 7. sheesh.

Have you guys seen the knitted 1950's room? It's very cool. Seen at Blogdogblog.

I worked a wee bit on one side of the Fry Up bag. But nothing to really show. Over the weekend I organized all my yarnlet leftovers (from finished projects). I wound them into tiny balls and stuck them in a basket on my wine rack. It makes me very happy! The tiniest one is a little gray one 1" in diameter!

oh yeah, that's my cowl... how did THAT get into the picture? :P It's now a whopping 4 inches tall.

I'm finally home when I can take pics of some finished yarn in the light. So here it comes!!

This is that dip dyed yarn I showed y'all on the bobbin before. It's so pretty. It's about 170 yds of sport weight to worsted weight singles. I'm not plying this one.

This is around 23 yds of white merino plyed with a blue thread. It looks like striped hotel linens to me. So I call it 4 Star Hotel. This is one of the yarns that will be heading toward The Threadbear Project via the pointman from the Spinning Fiber community.

My new feathered yarn, Midnight Warbler, is done too.

Here's a yarn that I never took a pic of. It doesn't photograph very well. It has a bunch of pretty star shaped sequins running through it, but the camera didn't pick them up very well.

I'm so excited! I joined the Fiber Friday community. Every week there is a new topic. You make something fiber related (knitting, spinning, whatever) that relates to that topic, and everyone posts their results on Friday.

This week's topic is "Good Morning!" I already know what I'm doing. I can't tell you... It's a surprise!


Jenny Hassler said...

I do so love your novelty yarns - your spinning is inspirational!

StarKnits said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pix i've so gotta get into spinning... How can i not? when i see shuch wonderful yarn as yours? i love the very 1st one and the one with the stars in it! i love stars...
anyways great idea with the yarnlets! so cute...ok i'm gushing sorry about that. just wanted to stop buy and give you a big pat on the back for all your spinning!

Lori said...

Thank you both so much! And Allena, I'm a sucker for gushing :) Makes me all warm and happy! Thanks!

Delia said...

4 Star Hotel is awesome!!!

--Deb said...

That purple and blue yarn is just beautiful! Nice spinning!

Lori said...

thank you both!

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