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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Stitches Haul... oh booty!

Stitches West was amazing! So much fiber... so many pretty things. I just walked around in absolute awe, petting yarns and fibers! I saw Sheetal when she was in line at the store with the knitted corset (so cool btw). I didn't take any pics at stitches because I forgot my camera (ervy said I'm a bad blogger.. in jest of course... we all know I'm the best ;-P )

I was on the lookout mainly for roving to spin since this is one of my only times to be able to see them in person... Although the places I bought the most roving from are located in SF (Carolina Homespun) and North of Berkeley in Kensington (Deep Color Studio). So I actually CAN go to these places and check them out sometime!!! Morgaine of Carolina Homespun was very encouraging for me to come out to one of their spin ins or take a class there...

I really really liked the vibe at Deep Color Studio. The colors were great, the people were really awesome too! And the prices were very reasonable. They're having a free spinning and Felting party on Saturday March 5th 11am-4pm.. .I'm thinking of going :)

The Haul

Top two are Handpainted Tussah Silk Sliver from Crosspatch Creations
Middle Left: dyed mohair curls from Carolina Homespun
Right Middle and Bottom: Handpainted Silk Caps from Crosspatch Creations

top: handpainted Wildfoote Sock Yarn
middle: 4oz Blended Wool/Nylon from Blue Moon Spinnery
Bottom: My absolute favorite roving of the day - Merino Wool and Tencel roving from Blue Moon Spinnery

Top: Merino and Silk roving from Angora Cottage (the woman there tried to teach me the long draw...)
Bottom: A Sweater Stone to from Carolina Homespun to take pills off of my sweaters and knit items

Top: Wool roving from Angora Cottage
Bottom: Felting needle set from FeltCrafts

Top: Baby Alpaca (black is its natural color! No dye!!!) from Deep Color Studio
Middle and Bottom: Dyed Merino Top from Deep Color Studio

My huge ball of sherbert wool roving from Deep Color Studio. It's only 4 oz, but it's so light that I ended up with a ton of roving. They said it was from a pullworth (sp?) sheep. I need to look up the breed.

This is what put me over my budget... I went by a stall with a bunch of Manos skeins on a rug on the floor... They were on sale, so I bought 4 skeins, putting me $47 over budget :(

Friday I came home from work to find a lovely Valentine's Day Card from Diane
It's so cute. I love the little bear on top! She also sent me some Tazo Lotus tea which I am consuming as I type :)


Abigail said...

Hey, I saw Sheetal after she purchased that knitted corset pattern! I had met her previously at the SJSU Stitch n Bitch. We meet Sunday at 4pm in Campbell at the Orchard Valley Coffee. You should come, by the way!

I was very tempted by all the silk top. I tried my hand at spinning silk at the spinner's guild booth, but it was a disaster!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, pretty. That was definitely worth going over budget for. Can't wait to see the finished yarn! I second the invitation to SJSU SnB. There is also Knitting Meetup 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month. This week we'll have a Stitches Show N' Tell.

I deny any allegations that I purchased a knitted corset pattern ;-) 'Twas actually Bella.

SergtPeppa said...

Very cool! I like the sherbert one a lot. Shame on you for forgetting your camera, though I don't know where my recharger is, so I'll be quiet now.

Amie said...

Love the blue, green and orange - great colors. And black baby alpaca....oooooo LOVE alpaca!

Polworth is a lovely sheep - you'll have fun spinning that. You might look into buying "In Sheep's Clothing" - it's a great book that talks about all the different breeds of sheep and what their wool is like. Excellent information for spinners!

Lori said...

lol. Abigail I should clarify that I didn't check what Sheetal was buying, hehe, but she claims that she was buying a lovely sweater pattern.. (it is very pretty Sheetal, but how could you turn down the corset?! ;) )

I have never spun silk top or silk noil before. Morgaine said the silk noil will be ALOT easier for me to start spinning with than the tussah silk.

I'd like to come by SJSU stitch n' bitch sometime, it's just a bit far for me normally since there is a stich n' bitch right here in redwood city :)

ah the spelling is Polworth! thanks amie! That will help a lot with the google searches.. and thanks for pointing out that book!

Sharlene said...

Great haul! I love Deep Color Studios and I'm going to try to go to the thing on the 5th too.

Abigail said...

Oops, I didn't mean to confirm the allegation that Sheetal had purchased a corset pattern! I was too fried from all my classes to remember anything. (Is that believable? ;)

When is the Redwood City SnB? Maybe I need another one. ;)

Anonymous said...

that's some serious shopping, girl! The roving you bought is just gorgeous,...

Lori said...

Great Sharlene! Maybe I'll see you there :)

the Redwood City SnB is Tues (Mulligan's pub) and Thurs (cafe borrone) evenings, but as I understand it, Tuesday seems to be the main day :)

Dee Dee,
I know! I'm so excited to spin it all!!!

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