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Monday, February 28, 2005

the WIP that broke the camel's back

or really my wrists anyway...

I started this feather and fan stole on friday

The purplely variegated stuff is my own hand dyed handspun yarn *yay!!!* (I love working with my own yarn!), the pink is that bulky thick thin that I recycled from that tank a couple weeks ago. I really wanted to throw in a third color with some interesting texture. I thought white would go well and make a nice Spring stole, but as it turns out, white is not a very common color in my stash as it tends to get dyed. Since I've promised no yarn buying, I had to choose something else from my stash to add texture and colour. So I threw black in instead. I have two types 1)one strand of mohair-esque yarn and soft black acrylic held together to make it bulkier and 2) some black chenille I've had in my "stash" since before I started knitting.

Anyway this is what first started the pains in my wrists... yes, my wrists and lower arms actually hurt now :( no longer just a weird numbness. I was knitting this stole in the dark watching Donnie Darko, and you can see I miscounted (although there's no real pattern for my striping), and my right side of my work became my wrong side of my work. Of course by the time I noticed (at the end of the movie), I didn't feel like ripping back, so now I'll have to work it so that I flip the right and wrong side every so often so that it looks, um... intentional... because you know, of course I meant for that to happen. :)

So Saturday I was super sad at my inability to knit (I woke up and my hands were still tingly/burning) so I tried to keep myself distracted. I went thrift shopping at Savers in Redwood City. I really didn't like Savers. It was HUGE, but it smelled icky and the stuff there wasn't really that nice (I'm spoiled by St Vincent de Paul).

Near Savers was this new store that sold new vintage clothing. How can that be you ask? Well these are new clothes (never worn, tag still on) that had been kept in warehouses since the 50's 60's 70's 80's. It was actually fairly interesting and fun to wander around and look at all the old styles, esp because i'm on my whole vintage kick right now.

We also went looking for a kitten friend for Asha who's been acting out a bit lately and has seemed lonelier now that I'm home less during the day. Unfortunately, we were told it wasn't kitten season, and we should come back in April to look for a kitten.

I came home and got the mail, still down because I couldn't do any knitting, and low and behold Lynette had sent me a very special RAOK in the mail!!! You should have seen me jumping up and down waving Hello Kitty shoe charms in the air in front of ervy's face! I was so super excited, and it took my mind off of my hurt wristies for a while :)

Thanks so much Lynette!!!! Perfect timing!!!!

Vintage Knitting Pattern of the Day

So Fiber Friday's theme this week is "Vintage." I mean how PERFECT is that for me in the mood I'm in lately right? So I thought I'd dig out a knitting pattern for this week that I could whip up quickly. I decided on making Peppermint Twist shown above. Of course I decided yesterday that since I hadn't knit Saturday I should be okay knitting a teensy little bit on Sunday evening. So I cast on for the hat. I took breaks, I used circs, but my wrists and forearms started to really REALLY hurt after not too long. Sadness. I don't think I can knit something for this Friday. Heck, I dont' think I should knit for the rest of the week! I don't want this to be something permanent, so I guess I shouldn't stress my wrists out for a while.

I guess I'll concentrate on sewing and spinning for now.

We saw Constantine on Saturday night. I didn't have high expectations for the movie given that Keanu is the star, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was a nice fast paced movie that kept me interested the whole time. There were a couple of great lines as well that I found incredibly funny. There were some loose ends in the story that I felt didn't get resolved, but overall, it was quite an enjoyable film. The angel wings are really pretty too!

At the beginning of Constantine we also saw a preview of a movie that has a computer controlled fighter plane turn EVIL. *cough* um ridiculous and overdone much? puuuuleeeeeeeaaaaaaaazzzzzzzeeee... Apparently my friends and I were the only ones in the theater who founds this ridiculous as we were the only ones who burst out laughing... well actually, we were also the only ones who laughed during the Constantine movie. Come ON! there were some funny parts. Why were we the only ones laughing?


fishgirl182 said...

that sucks that your arms are hurting. i know mine get that way sometime (although not as bad) and i just have to force myself to not knit for a bit. it's hard but i do it so i can knit again in the future.

and i liked constantine, too. keanu's pretty entertaining and i love rachael weisz. and my friends and i laughed at that fighter movie, too. poor jamie foxx. hopefully he can do better stuff now that he's go the oscar.

Kelly O said...

Hi Lori, I am a knitting chiropractor, that grew up in California, not to to far from where you are, and now living in British Columbia, Canada.

Anyway, go see a chiropractor and have him or her adjust your spine and check that your first rib, elbows and wrists are in alignment. This will have you knitting uo a storm in no time! Good Luck!

You can check out my blog at

Delia said...

Sorry about your wrists Lori! Take care of them so you can get back to knitting! Have your tried icy hot? That used to work when i got shin splints from gymnasts...

Laura.Y said...

Hi, sorry to hear bout your arms and hands. Do take care and get well soon. Cheers

Abigail said...

I'm sorry to hear your wrists are hurting so much!

Suzie said...

Hey Lori,

Where is this new old vintage place exactly? I am all over that!!!


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