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Monday, February 07, 2005

tired happy celebratory post plus relief thrown in

what an idiotic title for this blog post. I apologize. This post is verbatim what's going on in my head right now.

*happy snoopy dance*

And if the last five digits of your juror # is within the range of:

06015 up to and including 18763 your appearance is not required. Please note that you are now excused and will be eligible to serve again in 12 months.

That's what the Superior Court of California San Mateo webpage said! That means no jury duty for me! No waking up at the crack of dawn to show up at the courts! This is very good since this week is going to be ultra hectic for me at work. Everything was up in the air until about 10mins ago. I didn't know if I could help on a major project at the Business School or how much further I could get on my psych stuff this week or whether I could follow up on the KnitWits having a table on the Springe Faire or not.

Totally other random thing that happened when I got home

I've been parking on the street for the past week while our dining table has been in the garage getting painted and varnished. So I like taking this tiny spot next to our driveway. I pull in a little past the curb of our side of the driveway so that I don't block the apartment complex driveway next to our house.

As I finished parking, our mysterious 3rd neighbor (who doesn't know ervy or me by sight) runs out from their house and accosts me. He asked me not to block their driveway. He was very agitated and aggressive. I apologized, and explained that I was his neighbor, and I didn't realize I was blocking them. Once he found out I was his neighbor, he apologized profusely. Apparently, they've been worried about us being able to get out of the driveway on our side so they've been calling the cops on people who park a little bit into our side of the driveway. Thank GOD he didn't call the cops to ticket or tow my car. I normally HATE confrontation, but this one had good results.


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