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Thursday, February 24, 2005


non knitty rant
I've been helping run some experiments over at the business school. The researcher is SO disorganized this time. She completely underestimated the time it would take participants to go through her study. So yesterday I got to run 50 participants who were getting grumpy because they had to be there 45-50 mins instead of 30 mins and still get paid the same.

Of course to the participants, it looks like I'm at fault, as most would assume I am the researcher/planner of this experiment since I'm actually running the studies. I hate that. I hate that I look unprepared or what not, because that's not who I am. When I help plan experiments or conferences or whatever, I like everything to be in its place, and I always plan for the unexpected just in case. Now I know the study's disorganization has little to do with me as I was just brought on to run it the day before the study started, but it still stresses me out.

I also don't want to step over the toes of the researcher, but I feel like I keep wanting to tell her that it would be better if she had integrated such and such part of the study with another part since she made it more complicated than it needed to be.

blarny stones. *sigh* and lucky me, I get to run the study again today for another 4 1/2 hours without break/food/bathroom breaks. Goody goody gumdrops.


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