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Saturday, February 26, 2005


I think knitting is giving me carpal tunnel. I was knitting since early this afternoon. By the end of Donnie Darko at 1:30am ish, I realized that I had this really really weird sensation in my fingertips and hands. My fingertips are tingling even right now as I type. The hands have this sort of numb feeling. It doesn't hurt at all... It's just really weird. Evan said it sounded like carpal tunnel, and after a few web searches, it seems apparent that indeed this may be the case :(

WAAAH!! I found thishelpful article at on how to help avoid stressing my joints while knitting. I LOVE marathon knitting though. I love knitting. I like having it as something to do all the time while I'm doing other things. I have to stop for a while I guess. When I do knit again, I guess I ought to take more breaks.

lameness. :'(


Stacey said...

I loved Donnie Darko! I discovered it last summer.
I found that if I relax my knitting, I don't have so many tingly problems - of course I have to go down a needle size, but it works.

Anonymous said...

Lori, I have trouble with this, too - I'm a graphic designer, so I spend hours on the computer. My hobbies, away from the computer? Knitting, making jewelry and playing oboe. Everything was threatened when I started having trouble a year ago. I tried acupuncture, and it helped with the pain. I started seeing a chiropractor, and though it took awhile, it's the one thing that really helped me heal. I still see her on a regular basis to manage it, and I've added all my hobbies back in.

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