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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Tagged by Vidardottir (RuneBlogKnitter)

I've been tagged.... so here we go...

1. Total amount of music files on your computer—
Less than 50 MB. All my music is on the pc in the office since that's what I hook my ipod onto. The music on my computer was all free from indie bands I was checking out at some point.

2. The CD you last bought is—
Beulah "Yoko." It's been a while since I bought a cd.

3. What is the song you last listened to before reading this message?
umm... something someone sang on American Idol.. (yes I like the show, come on, you know you like it too!). I can't remember what actual music song I last listened to. Probably James Brown "Poppas got a brand new bag" since it was playing on the Terri Gross interview on Fresh Air.

4. Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you:

"Danny's Song" by Kenny Loggins. It's one of ervy and my songs. We belt it out whenever we hear it... Even though we ain't got money... I'm so in love with you honey...

"Little Moments" by Brad Paisley. This is the other one of ervy and my songs. It just reminds us of us and all the little things/silly things we share and laugh at each other for. Plus it's country, and since ervy's from Texas, it's easy to picture the boy in the position of the singer.

Anything from the Rubber Soul album by the Beatles. I listened to all the Beatles albums growing up, but I played that album over and over and over. It's both nostalgic and just enjoyable for me.

The songs from Wilson Phillips first cd. It was the only tape I had for a while, so in my first car, it was the only thing I ever played.

Wilco and Billy Bragg "Way over Yonder in the Minor Key" I love love LOVE this song. Did I mention I love it. really. adore it.

5. Who are you going to pass this stick to? (3 persons) and why?


I'll pass this to Kiohl, because she's a good friend and she likes doing these meme things anyway.

and Minger because he is also a friend who enjoys doing memes.

since I don't know anyone else who actively enjoys memes, I will wish this upon Delia because she is my knitting twin. She's pretty busy though, and under the weather (send her healthy thoughts), so I don't actually expect her to finish this if she doesn't have time :)


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