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Friday, February 18, 2005

a break from the rain

blegh it has been so rainy lately! Today is nicer, I can see some blue sky and sun. I was somehow shocked yesterday coming out of the psych dept to a cold rainy evening. (there are no windows in the office I work in, so I have no idea what it's like outside).

So yesterday evening, ervy and I took a trip up to my parent's house in the east bay to have dessert. Well, really it was because I was summoned for jury duty for a SECOND TIME this month!

I know you're asking "how could this be? Don't you only serve at most once a year?!" and yes, you're completely right! So how did this happen? Um... ahem... well *blush* it's my fault.

I may have er... ummm.. forgotten was too lazy to change my driver's license address from my parents house after college. So Contra Costa County summoned me to Jury Duty even though I live and was recently summoned to jury duty in Redwood City.

Snarfblat. So of course I have to mail back the jury summons affidavit with my excuse and a copy of my recent jury summons. But I have to mail it back IN THE ENVELOPE they provided with THE AFFIDAVIT they provided within 5 days. I already missed two days just having my parents receive, discover, and tell me about it. So I had to go up to visit them to grab the summons to mail with my old summons, and yada yada yada, I went kaput.

I'm all okay and better now that all the stuff is mailed off though! I've ben so busy this week I didn't get a chance to do anything for FiberFriday (theme: Wizard of Oz). I spun up a teeny tiny skein this mornign and it's drying now, so I'll post it later this evening..




2yrs 7mos!


Anonymous said...

I love knitting too but had to comment re: jury duty bc I love a jury duty tale (too bad you had to make a trip for the 2nd one).

Once when I was in SF Superior for jury duty there was another person, a multi-state truck driver who said he gets a summons from every state (he said it had benn many states)that he drove in. Still can't figure how true that can be....

thanks for sharing your knitting tales. ps-read on a blog a "Noe Knits" has opened in SF on 24th st.

terry in SF

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