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Monday, November 15, 2004

wow. weekend. yeah.

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Friday night the group hit Korean BBQ. I'd had a craving ever since I read Norge Thingy's yarn blog that had pictures of her outing to K BBQ. mmm.. It was tasty! We went to Ben and Jerry's afterwards for dessert and I had Oatmeal Cookie ice cream YUM!

Saturday was lovely. We drove around our neighborhood looking for yard sales. I was hoping to find a nice cheap desk. But there were only 2 yard sales that we saw. At one of them Ervy and I picked up three glass Planter's Peanut Jars filled with glass vintage beads for $5 a pop. I'm not sure what I'll do with the beads, but for right now, they all make pretty mantel decoration.

We then went to Costco and found that the seafood people finally had live clams again! We called together a last minute white wine party in celebration of the finding. We had steamed clams and a garlic butter pasta with bell peppers, portabello mushrooms and fresh porcini mushrooms and fresh bread. For dessert, minger made caramelized pears served warm with Marianne's vanilla bean ice cream.

then the night started to get foggy for me. I developed a major headache from drinking my 3 half glasses of wine too quickly, and I retired to the couch/bedroom around 10pm (so damn early). I did come out a couple times to a grand snafu. It was horribly bright, and I just remember Paulie standing on a chair refusing to come down. weird

Sunday the day our friends probably thought we had died. I woke up around 10am, but stayed in bed until 11 when I nudged ervy to wake up. He had promised to take me to the Paly high flea market. Of course, ervy was horribly hung over. I didn't watch his drink count as I had retired early (see Saturday) the night before.

On our way to paly, we stopped at safeway to get bagels and doughnuts. Ervy went to the restroom to puke. We ended up at Paly with ervy looking like a sheet. He was miserable so I made take us home (he was reluctant because he had promised that even if he was sick he would take me to the flea market). We ended up at home around 1pm. We pretty much ended up sleeping the rest of the day because ervy was too sick to do anything else.

wow. weekend. yeah


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