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Friday, November 05, 2004

lookie what i won on ebay

It's some BEAUTIFUL handspun yarn from Neauveau yarn. She's one of the spinners whose yarns are on Any whose it, I've been wanting to try knitting with some other people's handspun.

Neau happens to be on my friendlist, so I saw her post these fabu yarns of hers.

I've also had my eye on buggypup's yarn (an ebay seller). She's the yarn spinner in Morgan Hill (lol, fuson... when I told fuson there was an amazing yarn spinner over there, he thought I was talking about and amazing STORYTELLER!!)

anyway, yay yarn!
eBay item 8142549319 (Ends Nov-04-04 18:48:50 PST) - Neau Handspun Wool Yarn Pastel Green Blue Pink 74yds


elvinwheel said...

Hi, uh where's the pic?

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