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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

on the needles and spindle

on the needles:

I've finished knitting half the body of the bear for the mother bear project. It's very fun, but I got distracted by my


the ocean kelp colored fiber is spinning up beautifully!!! I've put those iridescent peacock feathers in the green parts. I spun so much my left hand is sore (well just my index finger... maybe i pinch the yarn funny). I still haven't finished going through the colored fiber, I should finish today so I can ply and set the yarn. While I was spinning, ervy, paulie, and adam (for a little bit) played Halo 2 on the XBox.


Delia said...

The link to register for the Bay Area blog ring didn't get posted in your comment in my blog... Can you send it to me again??

PS - My cat does the EXACT same thing every morning... the minute my alarm goes off she is pawing at the pantry door for her food...

Delia said...

Nevermind, Saw it on your site. My mind is obviously elsewhere today!

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