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Friday, November 19, 2004

For knitters in the Bay Area: Handspun Yarn from Kyrgyzstan

Hi SF Knitlist,

The afghans for Afghans project recently received a supply of
handspun yarns from Kyrgyzstan. These yarns are for sale, and proceeds support
women spinners in Kyrgyzstan and our organization. The yarns arrived in handsewn
muslin sacks with sealing wax ... as if from another century, not just the
other side of the world.

The Kyrgyz yarns are spun of 100% mohair, mohair-wool blends, and
100% wools. We have single-plys and double-plys. The weights range from lace to
a heavy worsted. Some of the yarn is undyed -- just the beautiful color of
the animal,including some soft creamy whites (mohair and mohair/wool blends)
and a fluffy gray-brown (sheep wool). Some of the yarn is dyed with plants --
such as onion and pomegranate (golden, not red!).

If you dye your own yarns, we also have a few batches of gorgeous
mohair yarn dyed with flowers and misc. yarns that unfortunately did not meet
quality standards -- these would be a treat for those who want to experiment
with over-dyeing, and are priced accordingly.

These yarns may appeal to weavers, as well as knitters and crocheters.

The pricing varies according to quality and supply. These are handspun yarns
with a distinctive look and hand. The yarn does not resemble commercially
produced yarns. The various yarns are in small batches, and you will want to look
through the stock firsthand and select the balls that speak to you(!!!).
We're not set up for mail order or for sending out sample snippets(perhaps in the
future), and it really would be best if you could see the yarn. We are
showing these yarns in the North Beach/Russian Hill S.F. area (near bus #45) --
please email us at afghans4Afghans at aol dot com if you would like to stop by to
take a look. We can set up a mutually convenient time. In particular, we are
available this Saturday and Sunday, as well as M-W before the turkey holiday.

Thanks for reading and for your interest. Best, Ann

PS: If you are interested in helping us sort and pack hand-knit and
crocheted blankets and garments for Afghanistan, please email us, and I will
add you to our volunteer list for the next session. We will also be recruiting
volunteers to help in our booth at Stitches West in February.

Ann Rubin
We're making afghans (plus hats, mittens, socks, sweaters, and
vests) ... for
Join us! *Next Due Date: Jan. 14*
Print our PDF flyer and share with friends:
Purchase our Afghan Women Spinner postcards:
San Francisco, CA


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