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Monday, November 08, 2004

a knitted cat toy

catToy, originally uploaded by lwu81.

I knitted asha a cat toy (you can see the tip of it in the photo). The pattern is from Wendyknits. They had a mouse-a-thon a while back, click for pattern It's a really simple cable pattern for a small knitted mouse. Most people stuff theirs with catnip, but ervy says it is a no no for asha, so I stuffed hers with some of the spider webbing from halloween that I was going to spin.It's knitted in brown and red acrylic, this cute simple knitted mouse feels all cute and old school for some reason.

here's my mouse

I attached a bell and feather bit from the first feather toy that asha destroyed. She likes to pick up the mouse and run off with it... normally under our bed. she did it twice last night keeping us up with the bell.

here's a photo gallery of other kitties with their knitted mice


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