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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

my brother rocks

he called me up just to tell me about this neat yarn shop he and his girlfriend went to near my parent's house. Apparently it's in Lafayette, CA and my bro claims they have soooo much yarn and kits and everything. He also even found out about a local Stitch and Bitch they have there.

I'm touched that he thought of me and even went into the yarn store. Very neat. Plus, I'll have something to look forward to checking out next time I go home :)

hehe... yum. yarn. yay.


Christina said...

Wow, your brother does rock! Way cool.

Jenn said...

Definitely post how the shop is and where it is! I finally made it to Article Pract in Oakland and it was a really cute shop. I finally found a copy of the new Rebecca Home mag that I haven't found anywhere down her in SJ and some fun yarn. I'm always on the lookout for new places to visit!

And thanks for posting on my blog Lori! I didn't get to the Hip show in SFO. It's so funny you mentioned them because I've never met anyone who knows who they are... :-)

Delia said...

I am going to be in Lafayette before the game on Saturday morning - any idea what the place is called? My dad and I have to kill a few hours, and I would love to go check it out...

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