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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Oh my!

Lisa of Plath's Adventures in Knitting pointed out on her blog that now is offering BAGS of their Peruvian Highland Wool for $18. *Gasp* elann just really wants me to break my yarn diet I think. But I've been so good! I will resist, but if you can't resist, get your wool here

*cry* I'm weak. before I even finished typing this post, I bought a bag. I went to go look at the link, and then I thought, "well, IF I did buy a bag, what color would I want..." Of course the color I would have wanted (oxblood) only had 12 bags left! Ohno! that means it could be gone soon... AND you get the picture.

most of it will go toward making the yarn harlot poncho I've been wanting to knit.

wanna see how my dye job turned out?


and here it is hanging up to dry

I think I'm going to use it to make a sophie bag.


Delia said...

You made a comment awhile ago in my journal that you and I are/were knitting very similar items. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I literally just bought a bag of the Peruvian Wool before checking your site - color OXBLOOD!

Great minds think alike, eh?

Lori said...

wow, that is too funny!

Amie said...

GORGEOUS colors! Which ones are they? Great work!

Lori said...

Thanks! The colors were Raspberry and Colbalt Blue. :)

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