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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Lori and the crazy girl hat

I am crazy...

I'm happy about my hat knit from Lionbrand Landscapes (color deep sea).
I put removeable pom poms on it so that I can have the hat without them, with 'em, or with one centered one depending on my mood.

bah it's late, I can make faces at the camera all I want.

I also finished the armwarmer that was on my new dpns. It's done in wool-ease and some other acrylic. I was going to knit in 8 stripes so they could be my lucky arm warmers, but I really wanted to knit it quickly, so it ended up with two.

I think of these as sort of vintage stanford colors. So they're my "Ye Old Stanford" Armwarmers... haha, I keep talking about them in the plural, even though I've only knit one! (From the voodoo pattern in knitty).


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