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Monday, November 29, 2004

back from holiday hiatus

hideseek, originally uploaded by lwu81.

twas a fun and busy holiday. I got some craftin' done that I've been meaning to take pics of.

I started the flower wash cloth from weekend knits. (I just noticed that asha has been chewing on the corners of this book :( ) I'm using Bernat cotton tots yarn in blue for the petals and yellow for the center.

I also started Sophie with the yarn I dyed

and close up

I really like how the dyed yarn colors are knitting up!

I also recieved my elann order of oxblood colored peruvian wool yarn.

and I started a fun fur scarf for my mom who asked me to knit her a scarf with "fur yarn" like the ones she saw at a holiday fair. It's done with lionbrand fun fur and caron's so soft. By accident I grabbed one skein of fun fur and one skein of joann's brand cello yarn of the same color. The cello has longer fur, and if I knit another scarf like this in the future, I'd probably want to use just cello.

I met Paulie's sister, Erin, and tried to teach her to knit. This is the first person I've ever tried to teach to knit, and I don't know that I did a very good job. I only covered casting on and the knit stitch to get her started. She then went to Michael's with Paulie to buy yarn, needles, and a knitting book for her flight home to Chicago.

I made this necklace for my secret santa

my secret santa likes the comic Lenore, so I made her a Lenore pendant from shrinky dink plastic and some vintage lucite beads.

btw, shrinky dinks are sooooo much fun.


Christina said...

I love how your hat turned out. It looks great! And that scarf for your Mom looks fun. I'm totally jealous of your Elann Peruvian wool purchase. The color looks beautiful. How soft is the yarn?

Oh and that necklace is really cute. I had no idea you could do that with shrinky dinks. They really do look fun!

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