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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

sleepy asha says:

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Don't Forget To Vote!!!

I was feeling a little sick yesterday after talking to my mom, so ervy brought me a krispy kreme doughnut with sprinkles and a Watchamacallit to cheer me up.

He also brought home a cute little mug filled with flowers. Yay!

I finished a WIP. I'm super happy with it.

Yesterday my order came with my yarn ball winder and new Clover size 8 bamboo needles. I also got my first DPNs which I'm excited to start using for more fingerless mittens! (Btw, ervy makes for a great makeshift swift. We can wind a mean ball of yarn baby!)

Today when I had my cereal, Asha had just come out of the litterbox, so I had to eat standing up. She kept looking at me and the bowl, trying to figure out how she could get up to me to drink the milk. She finally gave up.

I found my absentee ballot and spent time filling it out last night. I'm going to the polls with ervy later to drop it off. Apparently his ballot never came or he lost it, so he's gonna try to vote at the polls. He's so super anxious about the elections it's made him a little sick.

I really really want to spin or knit but I can't. I have to study. grr.


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