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Monday, November 15, 2004

Knitting update

finally finished my second "ye old stanford armwarmers". I've been distracted with other knititng and thus hadn't gotten around to finishing. My left hand was always cold tho' so I had to finish it up.

see, a pair!

I'm also nearly done with the mother bear project bear. He has arms and is stuffed with polyfill. I'm making him a scarf which should give him better neck definition (red scarf on the needles next to the bear). and I still need to give him facial features.

he has a cabled sweater which was fun to do. He is mostly acrylic with cotton pants. These knitted bears go to children in Africa with HIV or in poor conditions. Basically children who could use a little extra love. If you have a chance, think of giving your time to knit a bear. It's quite an easy pattern, and very fun to make. Read about it on


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