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Monday, November 08, 2004

my name is lori, and i'm a yarnaholic

eBay item 8143420156 (Ends Nov-08-04 13:35:58 PST) - Handpainted Merino Wool Knitting Felting Yarn 10.5 oz

yummy merino wool. I've been drooling over the yarn at forever!!!

but this is it! no more yarn buying for a while... unless my mom drags me to a yarn store to buy yarn to make her a scarf like the ones she saw at some holiday boutique for 60 bucks. I'm pretty sure her friend used eyelash yarn and a normal yarn but it's hard to say without a picture.

luckily, I've got 3.25 sweaters to frog for new yarn. One of em is a BRIGHT pink angora sweater that I'm going to ADORE!! And if I run out of sweaters to frog, I've got a bunch of fiber to spin into more yarn with peacock and normal feathers to spin into it for fun. PLUS, I saw on spinning fiber, that someone was spinning strips of CLOTH into yarn. I have got to try this! It looks quite interesting

see cloth yarn here


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