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Monday, November 22, 2004

the week of thanksgiving

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I've already been to one thanksgiving dinner (my first Vegetarian/Vegan one ever!) 3 more to go!

Asha is celebrating Thanksgiving too by gorging herself and becoming tubbs. On the up side, she now sleeps through the night.

An appliance man is scheduled to come by and check out our stove to see why it may be leaking. I hope it gets fixed so that I can start baking again!

This weekend I didn't knit very much, but I did get a chance to finish the Mondial Hat I'd been making. I likey very much! There may be a very large pom pom in the works for the top of the hat as well, although I can't decide yet if I want to use up the rest of the yarn for that or not.

For anyone who lives near fremont, FunkyFiberFellowship has its meeting tonight at 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm at Jack's Brewing Company on 39176 Argonaut Way
Fremont, CA 64538.

Tonight people will be learning Tunisian Crochet from Jennifer of StichDiva Studios. She uses the stitch for this poncho pattern


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