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Friday, November 19, 2004


gimmeFood, originally uploaded by lwu81.

We have started a new regimen in the house for asha. She was getting really grumpy between feeding times, and very whiney. We're trying to bring her back to the time when we used to let her eat unhindered from a full bowl. Some cats can regulate themselves, and I think Asha used to be ok at it until I started worrying she'd get fat and rationed out her food.

Anyway, so we need to get her used to having a full bowl again. Last night I poured her a whole bowl which is about 6 times as much food as she gets normally in a day. Man she gorged herself and ate for 20 mins straight. It was like she was afraid it would all dissappear. But now it's better. This morning she ate a little bit from the bowl, but wasn't scarfing like last night.

I made some 10.5 size dpns to work on sophie. I was lucky that the dowel I bought at Ace was a 10.5 (I hadn't brought my sizing card with me because it was an impulse trip to Ace). The new dpns are really pretty. I'm not sure if Ace uses a different type of wood from OSH (uses poplar), but the wood felt a little harder, and has a much richer color.

Unfortunately, I got some blisters sanding down my dpns. This now makes it painful to knit :( and my left index finger still is kiling me from when I had my marathon spinning day last week.
So I can't spin or knit right now (w/o some pain), well I guess I could dye some more... Oh speaking of dyeing, I completely forgot to mention what color dyes I used yesterday. I ended up using a mix of Raspberry and Colbalt Blue.


Lori said...

making your own dpns is very fun! here's a link that may help guide you

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