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Friday, October 22, 2010

Hot Diggity Dog & OOTD


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Continuing with reader questions (and in an effort to get my eye pics further down my blog, lol, they kind of wig me out...), Tara from Mix And Match Fashion asked what kind of dog I have, and what his name is. btw, if you don't wanna see pup pics, OOTD pics are at the bottom of the post!

This is Buddie!

This is Buddie 12 years ago!

His first night home. For some reason, we thought he needed a blanket when he slept, lol.

I can still hold him like this, see below!!

We got Buddie when I was a senior in high school. We don't actually know what kind of dog he is, so we just say he's a mix. Buddie and his sister were found as puppies in a creek. Someone took them in, cleaned them up, and brought them to the neighborhood pet store to see if someone could give them a good home. Then my family came along for brunch at the restaurant next door, and we ended up leaving with a puppy!

Buddie and his sister

My mom says she got him for me, because she wanted me to have a dog before I left home. But, I didn't even get to name him! My brother (8 yrs my junior) wanted to call him Buddie, and my mom went along with it. I thought it was too boring and generic!

Anyway, since Buddie came to live with me and ev almost three years ago, I've come up with my own nicknames for him. He now also goes by Buddaroonie, Budz, Budz0r (pronouced budzoare), and butt-sore (because someone thought that I was saying that when I called him Budz0r).

See told you I could still hold him like that!

This was me this morning trying to get a pic of my OOTD while taking Buddie on a walk through our neighborhood. We walk Budz with a Gentle Leader or Halti head collar to help keep him from pulling without causing too much strain on his neck.

Today was supposed to start raining, although the big storm will hit tomorrow. Still, I wore my Hunters in celebration of the rain.

And when it starts getting cold and wet, Buddie starts wearing more of his clothes. Since his first 10 years were spent in California, he found Seattle winters a bit cold for him (he'll actually start shivering!). Plus, his clothes help keep him cleaner since he likes lying under our backyard deck when we are gone during the day.

OOTD Specs
J Crew grey v-neck sweater sz XS
(thrifted $6)
H&M big pocketed skirt sz XS ($15)
Navy men's vest (thrifted $5)
Three Beacons Belt sz S - Anthropologie ($34)
Navy Hunter Wellington boots ($40 at Costco)
grey ribbed tights ($6)
Forever 21 eyeglasses necklace ($3.50)
Turquoise scarf ($10)

Buddie's OOTD
Old Navy yellow polo shirt sz M
(in first pic) Old Navy red/white striped sweater sz M ($10)

I leave you with a video of Buddie's one good trick:


Matt said...

Its great to hear about your dog! He's really cool, and rescuing animals is such a great way to get a pet! I love the picture of him under the blanket! Its fun that he gets to dress up too actually! Your outfit is super cute too! I hope you have a great weekend! :)

Cindy said...

What a great trick and a talented and adorable dog!! I love seeing videos from bloggers, I'm always curious about what a blogger sounds like (: Great outfit, I am in love with that skirt!!

Teri said...

Love your outfit! When did you buy your Hunter boots and at which Costco-I NEED some.

Lori said...

@Matt to be fair, we didn't rescue him... whoever brought him to the pet shop did. We just brought him home and played with him :D

@Cindy My daddy taught him the trick, but I love that he has such self-control sometimes. lol, I didn't even think about how you could hear my voice. And it's 'doggy-voice' :)

@Teri I bought these boots last year, I don't remember if it was Fall or Winter. It was tough to choose a color! I haven't seen them back at Costco since. But maybe they'll come back this year? I got mine at the Seattle SoDo Costco

Inkmark said...

haha, Buddie follows instruction better than my son. What a good boy!

SRP said...

aww I loved hearing more about butt sore! He is such a pretty guy. I love my dogs and could talk about them all day. I feel badly sometimes when all my friends are talking about their kids and I chime in with a story about my big girl Tina - I get some weird looks and end the story fast. Thanks for sharing and aren't Hunter boots the best, they might be one of my best purchases of 2010!

LilMissSeamstress said...

I think I in love with Buddie now! So cute! I watched the video with my hubby and thanks for sharing this with me~

You look just a little bit cutter than Buddie on your outfit! and I am noticing the boots! I guess in rainy Seattle, it's a must?


Kathleen said...

Bundle sounds like a great dog (unlike my two psycho dogs! LOL) How polite of him to sit while you take your pictures!

Mich said...

I just rewound and re-watched those last few seconds about five times. His eyes get so big! I had to show Boyfriend. I love a good puppy-post.

Meg said...

Buddie is such a cute dog! And I love your outfit - it's simple but so chic and well put together.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Buddie looks so sweet - thanks for sharing! He makes me sad for my old dog Jessie - my sis and I grew up with her and loved her to bits!

Jess said...

Hi Lora!

What a cute dog and I love the trick! it is very cool to have a voice to your writing now too :) That skirt seems to be working very well for you. I really like the hunter boots, I am kicking myself for passing up on a pair at NR last spring still :(

Peggy said...

I love this post with you and Buddie! So cute! He looks like a great pal.

vintageglam1234 said...

Thanks for introducing us to your dog Buddie, Lori. I can't believe you've had him for so long! My how big he's grown! he looks so cute,gentle and very very clever. My husband won't let us get a dog due to the maintenance, and afraid of it biting him. Maybe i should show him your video?
Oh, and great outfit. Yours AND Buddies!!

Lori said...

@Inkmark lol! But, have you tried putting a treat on his nose :)?

@Spiffy aww. It's true that non-pet owners sometimes don't understand about our love for our furry children!!

@LilMissSeamstress glad you liked the vid and pics of Budz! While rain boots are not a necessity in Seattle, they make me look forward to rainy days - I love a good puddle stomping.

@Kathleen he's definitely mellowed in his older age, but he still gets super excited when another dog or cat comes by (or a new person comes in the house). Then he's less likely to sit when I ask him politely :)

@Mich you're right! lol, I think it's in contrast to his eyes earlier in the vid, when he's trying hard NOT to see the treat on his nose. This trick (or making him wait in general) always reminds me of Walter Michel and his marshmallow experiments ( Buddie has some good techniques for maintaining his self-control!

@Meg thanks!

@Lisa thanks, he certainly tries his best to be a good lovable pup.

@Jess thanks! Yah this skirt definitely makes me happy when I wear it! So comfy and easy and cute! You should keep checking NR, I do see them pop up there every once in awhile for about the price I got my pair.

@Peggy thanks! It was fun to introduce him formally to everyone :)

@vintageglammz Yah it's amazing he's 12 now. He's still going pretty strong :) It's true though, that dogs do require a lot of attention and resources. Owning a dog definitely isn't for everyone, especially if your hubby is a little nervous about dog bites.

Cindi said...

Aww how cute!!! You know how I feel about dogs and this post was so sweet!!! I love your doggie pictures! We graduated in the same class!! 1998! 98! 98!! 98!!! Haha.

babyxswts5 said...

Are you speaking mandarin at the end of the video? :)

Lori said...

@babyxswts5 wow good catch! You're the first person who's noticed that. (Although I'll be the first to admit that it's pretty horribly mangled mandarin ;) )

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