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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Into the Jungle OOTD

A view showing the ruching on the shoulders.

And now you probably really want to know what's on that crazy shiny belt buckle of mine, lol...

Was it what you thought it was? ha!

It seemed like animal print is pretty much the only thing this belt could ever really "go" with. I am actually in disbelief that I bought something like this, but it makes me smile - and that's gotta be worth something!

OOTD Specs
F21 green leopard print dress sz S
(thrifted $4)
Save the Earth leather belt (thrifted $3)
H&M black leggings sz 6 ($10)
Dr Scholl's green boots ($30)
red & gold bangles (gifted)
jade bangle (gifted)

Yesterday, Laura asked if I got a new camera. Nope! But every day that I take photos, it's an experiment. I constantly play with the camera or lens or flash settings, tripod height, or tripod distance from me. I think what matters most though is lighting! Yesterday, I didn't have time to take my photos in the morning before I headed out the door. But, I did come home early for a chiropractor appointment. So instead of early morning light, I had afternoon lighting.

And then there's indoor lighting. That kind of lighting makes me sad, but as it gets rainier, that may be all I have! Oh yah, and I always use a remote (highly recommended if you have to take pics of yourself or do group shots with everyone in them w/o setting a timer!). I'm just not always good at hiding the remote well!


Cindi said...

Cute outfit today, Lori! I can't wait until I get my remote...I just don't know when I'll be able to take my OOTDs because I like to take them in the morning before my clothes get wrinkley and currently Chris helps me take them. But if I had to do it myself, I figured it'd take more time and I am always rushing off in the mornings. aye!

Mandy said...

You look so super in that F21 dress! What a great thrift score!! And so is that belt! And your pictures are so gorgeous (a remote is a great idea! - Luke always grumbles when I ask him to shoot my outfits, so it's my lame point and shoot to the mirror for now, haha)!

Tien said...

What a great dress! I love the bracelet, too.

Meg said...

I'm a geography nerd and I think I love that belt! The whole outfit is super cute.

Jess said...

What a cute dress! I thought it was grey at first, but the fact it is green makes it really unique. Love the idea of a remote, I don't think my cybershot has enough omph for one of those lol

Peggy said...

Love your animal print dress Lori! So cute!

kara lynn said...

ruched shoulders are a HUGE draw to me when deciding on tops. i love them! or basically ruching in any part of the clothing.

vintageglam1234 said...

Welcome to the jungle!
It takes a certain personality to pull off an animal print dress...and that sure ain't me, but totally you Lori! You look great! You make it look more stylish than "cougar-ish"..hehe
Oh oh should play a game with your readers and name it "where's remote". I spotted the remote in your hand in on of your pictures on your previous post! errr.. do i win a necklace now?

LilMissSeamstress said...

Your belt is awesome..(in some weird way hehe) My humble digital camera did not come with remote. Do you think I can buy any remote and make it work? hmm.. I am such a tech dummy...

Melissa said...

Oh that dress is phenomenal! I love it and you look fantastic!

Kristina Clemens said...

Hot, hot, hot!!! LOVE your belt!!!

Kristina Clemens said...

Hey, I'm so sorry...I don't think your email came through...if you get time, would you mind trying again?
Thanks, Lori

Mich said...

I love the boots, I can't believe they were only $30. What a great deal.

These photos look really nice. Do you use a tripod and timer or do you have a "photographer"?

Inkmark said...

You look so cute! so you use a tripod for picture taking? How do you aim at yourself then? I had always assume it was your hubby's work :-P You have to teach me. With a tripod, how do you aim at yourself? Is it just trial and error? I am a bit sick of taking pictures in front of the mirror. Can't use a flash and the lighting is no good so it always come out blur.

Kalpana said...

I love the leopard print dress. It looks great on you. And the belt is so unique. How did you end up finding it for $3.

Laura said...

Well I guess I never noticed the remote before yesterday. Your experimenting is paying off. Because your images have noticably improved.

I normally don't like animal prints on me. They don't flatter blondes. I think they make older women look, well older. But this certainly looks lovely with your dark hair.

And why does your 27" waist look so much smaller than mine?


Matt said...

Super cute!! I love the belt buckle, and you're right, its perfect for animal prints! As for the disbelief that you bought that belt, I just have this to say, if your clothing makes you smile, then it was totally worth it! :)

Lori said...

@Meg @Kalp @Kristina @Matt was really happy to find a good way to use this belt since I hadn't had inspiration strike for it yet! As usual, it was just something I happened to stumble across at goodwill and it captured my fancy :)

@Cindi I often take my pics in the morning. I take maybe 8 minutes to grab the camera, tripod, and remote and set it up right outside on my deck (honestly I do the deck because it's so close - so it saves time!) But if Chris is there to help you, that's pretty cool! Evan is normally asleep when I take my pics.

@Mandy I think I only asked Evan to take pics of me once, and he grumbled so I haven't asked him since, lol. You can also get a mini tripod for a point and shoot and use the timer too!

@kara lynn I've only become a fan of ruching on shoulders! I've always tended to like it elsewhere, but it took a bit for the shoulder ruching to grow on me. I didn't know if I could handle it since I feel like I have broad shoulders as it is.

@Vintageglammz if I ever get ahold of some more lace I'll make you a necklace!

@LilMissSeamstress I looked around after your comment. I'm not quite sure if a lot of non-dSLRs have remote capabilities. I don't know why they don't add this feature. They should make a point and shoot just for fashion bloggers, lol. But anyway, I'd suggest checking your camera manual to see if it can use a remote.

@Mich & @Inkmark I do use a tripod! I highly recommend one! :) A tripod will also help in lower lighting conditions because the camera can have longer exposures withoutas much blurriness.

@GeoInCalifornia I'm so glad my experimenting is starting to pay off! I admit, I was getting pretty frustrated with my pics for a while. That's what spurred the experimentation. And I said this on your bloggy too, but I think your waist looks the same size to me. Maybe it's just the angle of where we take the pics from or how we are standing?

Kelly said...

I don't think you're giving that belt enough credit! I think it could be very versatile - might be worth playing around with a little more!

I really like that belt buckle

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

Very, very cute! I think you and Melissa are the only ones who can pull off this much animal print while still looking utterly fabulous. And your combinations of bangles is great!

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