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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

once more ootd!

The Seattle weather really put me in a style rut this week. The past three days, I've been layering with a blazer of some sort and camel colors. I also have worn my new leather boots three days in a row! I'm not exactly sure why I keep grabbing camel colored pants and skirts, but the layering is due to the freezing mornings and warmer afternoons. The boots are just cuz they're new and I don't seem to want to take them off my feet!

Yesterday, my hair was still wet, and you'll see it has a mind of its own in these pics. I also tried out some fashion photo tips Matt mentioned he read about at Two Eyes in the Mirror. Well, actually, I just tried one tip: I lowered the height of the camera. This is supposed to make me look LARGER THAN LIFE!!!! does it? My husband said this makes me look like I have a teeny tiny head... hmm maybe I lowered the camera too much. HA!

I have a love/hate relationship with this skirt. I like the woolen material, but I hate the fact that it doesn't sit at my actual waist. It tends to rotate around, and I have a hard time belting it (the belts seem to want to migrate upward). I did try pinning it smaller to fit my hips to see what it would look like, but with the ruffle flare at the bottom, it ended up looking a little odd.

Monday, I ran to H&M (yay for the 20% coupon on the H&M iphone app!) after seeing this faux fur collar on ExtraPetite. Even though it's faux, I feel a little like social pariah wearing something that looks like fur in Seattle. A fellow grad student pronounced it disgusting the moment he saw it. I understand the sentiment, but one thing the style blogging community has shared with me is a boldness to dress for me (rather than dress for anyone else). Although I would never have expected buying and liking it, I really like this collar. It's really warm, and it's great to throw on top of anything to give it a little glam (I even threw it on over a tank top to walk the dog when I got home, lol)

OOTD Specs
Gap wool camel skirt sz 4 (thrifted $6)
grey sweater tights ($8)
Nicole Winchester Leather Riding Boots ($100 at DSW)
Vintage tuxedo shirt tags cut out (thrifted $6)
grey plaid puffed-sleeve blazer sz (thrifted $6)
H&M braided belt ($15?)
H&M faux fur collar ($15 plus 20% off = $12)

I unfortunately don't have an OOTD pic for today. Don't worry, I wore clothes. But I had a really hectic morning involving an overabundance of produce, a ripped skirt, a missed bus, and a non-cooperative steamer. Thus, no outfit shot :( ah, hump day!


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Matt said...

Oh my gosh, this is super cute though! Its certainly a very stylish rut! It is a cute skirt, that's frustrating that it doesn't want to cooperate! I'm definitely a fan of dressing for yourself! And thank you SO much for the shout out! I think the pictures are larger than life! ;) That was the one tip I really tried too, and I think its a great one! :)

Lori said...

Thanks Matt! lol, I'm glad you like the photos looking up. I do think in some of them, I should have gone a little higher, but I do like the overall perspective of the camera from below.

LilMissSeamstress said...

whole lot of awesomeness going on here! first of all I really admire your thrifting skill, but we all need an occasional spurge like your boots!

Your posing skills are surpassing btw!!!

vintageglam1234 said...

Hey you lowered the camera?? I can't really tell the difference here, but i do know that if you have the camera too high, it could make one look shorter (im speaking from experience, i don;t actually know anything about photography).
Your outfit is very sophisticated, especially with the faux fur collar! The skirt is lovely and creates a classy look.

Kelly said...

I was *just* admiring that H&M collar in InStyle this morning! It looks great!

Lori said...

@LilMissSeamstress hehe thanks! I know, I'm really loving these boots!

@VintageGlammz I know! It seems like such a subtle thing, but comparing the pics I take at different heights is pretty interesting...

@Kelly Ooh it's in InStyle! Sweet, I'm glad I scored it now then (in case there's a mad rush for faux fur collars, lol)

Courtnee said...

Seriously in love with this look! Maybe it will cool off and stay cool enough for me to be inspired by:)

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