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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Unknown Moulinette Soeurs Blue dress Review

I grabbed this dress to try on at Anthro last week. It was full price, but I can't find it on the website, so I don't know if it's new or old. I think it looks like a fall/winter piece, so I want to say it just hasn't made it to the site yet? Unfortunately, I absolutely assumed that it would be on the website, so I don't remember the maker or price. Does anyone have any info on this dress?

Thanks, Cindi for recalling that this dress ran around $128 in-store

Ah! And spotted on Kay in her review. She reports the dress is priced at around $168

sorry my hands/skin are all blown out in these pics. I'm actually crossing my fingers in the pics to remind myself that it's an XS, but with the highlights all blown out, it kinda looks like I'm making an obscene gesture. Sorry about that!

name: unknown
size: XS
impression: I love the color blue here, and I think the black mesh overlay gives it a air of mystery and allure! It isn't a dress I would normally gravitate to, but the interesting color layering and the details led me to pull this off the rack. I like the little flares of black mesh around the arm holes. I think it breaks up the elegance of the blue and introduces some edge. The small black mesh ruffles at the bottom gave it some dark romance, and the pleating down the front and back of the bodice provide good visual interest. I can't decide what I think about the belt. I kind of like the flowers, but I wish they were bigger? You could totally glam this baby up with some gold and pearl jewelry! I definitely see this dress as potentially glamorous evening wear rather than a versatile everyday dress.

My issue with this dress? While it fit really well in most areas, somehow IRL, the mesh overlay created a weird visual distortion over my stomach area. Also, it may be had to tell from these pics, but notice the hem at the front of the dress is slightly higher than around the rest of the dress. This odd hemline + the visual distortion made me look like I was slightly pregnant! Not something I want in a dress! I'd probably give this a second try with another dress to see if it was a fluke, because I otherwise really like this dress.


Kayla Rochelle said...

This dress looks amazing on you! The color blue is fantastic and you're right, the black mesh give the whole dress an air of mystery. I imagine this dress with some great black pumps, and maybe with some basic heels the hem won't look so off. Maybe?

vintageglam1234 said...

Lori, i really like this dress on you, and i have no idea what you mean about the pregnant belly thing! I can't see any lumps or bumps---are you sure??
I love the midnight blue colour, and the belt is actually pretty, and not too OTT. wishlisted for me? maybe!!

Cindi said...

I saw the same dress at the Bravern last Friday but didn't have the time to try it on. I was hoping something like this would be ok for Chris' company Christmas party. I think the price was around $128.

Lori said...

@Kayla you're right, maybe if I put on some heels, it will lift up my rear and even out the hemline :) I love that heels do that!

@vintageglammz I think dress would look great on you. It's definitely a beautiful dress. I admit I can't really see the weird visual aberration in the pics, so maybe it doesn't exist. I think I'd have to try it on again to be sure.

@Cindi ooh, that at least means it probably is new. Thanks for the clue on the price, I was going to call the UVillage at some point to ask too about brand, etc. But this dress is PERFECT for a company holiday party!

Anonymous said...

The Maker is Moulinette Soeurs one of my favorite dress labels. It runs for $128 but is currently on sale for about $60 and that is not including the 25% extra they are offering on sale items. it is classically gorgeous piece and it will remain timeless.

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