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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Anthro TV sighting!

lol. My husband now thinks I'm crazy. He had Running Wilde playing on TV. Suddenly, I look up to see Keri Russell in this:

Anthropologie Southward Stop Shirtdress ($128)

And I lept off the couch and started saying "THAT'S MY DRESS! THAT'S MY DRESS!" like I'm some sort of crazy person who doesn't realize that a TON of people own this dress :) Still it made me happy!

See me in "my dress" here :)

oh, btw, Dad if you're reading this, 'HIII!' (he told me he was going to search for my blog O_o!)


Inkmark said...
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Inkmark said...

That is too funny. Your husband probably think you look even better in that dress than someone he doesn't care about on TV though. I love this dress too and almost pay full price for it if it wasn't for the full luggage when I visit Seattle. Now I got over my hot head, I am patiently waiting for the dress to go on sale eventually, hopefully. I am surprise you got a size 2 though, I am normally 4 in a anthro dress. I don't even bother with size 2 any more if it is side zip. The belt you had was pretty cool with the dress. I read review and it mention something about the on line version leather pulls fabric, but not the local store version. Not sure why there is a difference. Is that true for yours too?

Sammie said...

hahaha! Omg. that is so funny. I do that too sometimes, but my DH thinks its even crazier that I know the season the anthro piece was released and the price :D

Matt said...

That's so awesome! Hah, and I totally understand. I still think its awesome when I realize another blogger has something I have too! Or even when I just see someone out and about with something I have. And that is a super cute dress! And I would have a total heart attack if my parents found my blog! I won't even mention Facebook. ;)

Lori said...

@Inkmark I tried a size 2 in store and it fit really well, but somehow when I ordered a 2 it felt slightly tight. I think a 4 might have been better in this one. But are you consistently a 4 in Anthro sizes? I find their sizing runs big ALOT. So I'm always having to size down. The belt I got, I ordered online, because they hadn't gotten in store when I wanted it. However, before I ordered it, I read that the quality of the belt had changed since it had first come out. I think I was sent the second batch, and I don't find that it pulls on the fabric.

@Sammie wow! Yep, I'm not that in tune with when the Anthro pieces came out, but that's fun that you can spot them from multiple seasons!

@Matt I know what you mean. I feel a little bit of a bond with bloggers who have the same clothes items as me! Esp if it's anthro, lol :)

vintageglam1234 said...

hehehe! Lori, your dress is famous!!
did you husband get a shock when you yelled out?
And did your dad manage to find your blog? hehe/..

Cindi said...

Haha that is so funny. I do the same when I see pieces online too. Sometimes it startles Chris when I yell like that infront of the TV! The sizing at Anthro totally pisses me off recently. I tried on this birds dress in two sizes and couldn't tell what the difference was! So annoying!!!


Anonymous said...

That is one hell of a dress. I love how you styled it with those boots! I saw a dress that I own from target on tv once. It was so awesome!


Peggy said...

love it and love that dress!

Lori said...

@vintageglammz nope, hubby just laughed at me and then pressed the back button on the Tivo remote so I could show it to him again :) I have no idea if my dad found my blog. I was afraid to bring it up again, in case it encouraged him to search further, lol.

@Cindi boo to Anthro's sizing quality control. Was this the dress with the cranes on it? I tried that one on and completely wrestled with it!

@Melanie thanks! IKR?! It's like being famous through my dress's tv appearance, lol.

@Peggy Thanks!!

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