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Friday, October 08, 2010

Ginormous OOTD

blaaargh. It's Friday night and I'm trying to figure out why my online study isn't saving data correctly for our study that's set to run on Monday! boo.


At least the hubby is making some tasty-smelling-something for dinner. I like me some tasty-smelling-something :)

So last weekend, my friend Jeanny asked me to go to Goodwill with her. I was exhausted after driving 9 hours round-trip to and from Portland for a wedding, but I obliged. I paced through the aisles like a zombie, fumbling with clothes. Through my bleary-eyed haze I saw this massive shirt. I'm talking GINORMOUS beige and grey houndstooth in a size 18 package (a ginormous size on me). And it reminded me of another seemingly ginormous blouse:

Anthropologie's Look About Blouse ($98)

Well, the one at Goodwill wasn't made of silk. Nor was it shaped quite as nicely. In fact, mine beats the Anthro version in the ginormous department. But, it was two dollars. I could try the over-sized blouse look for two dollars, right?

Now all I need is a pretty tweedy skirt and a ginormous belt! Ok, admittedly, I already think this black belt is ginormous, but Anthro's ginormous belt beats my ginormous belt this time around. ;) A skirt would give me more room to tuck the extra fabric from the shirt and keep it from being quite so ginormous... Have I said 'ginormous' enough yet?

OOTD specs
Ginormous houndstooth blouse by Elizabeth Liz Claiborne sz 18
(thrifted $2)
Ginormous(ish) black elastic zippered belt H&M ($13)
Banana Republic gray slacks sz 4 (thrifted $6)
Black Unlisted ankle booties ($20)
Black socks

ooh, and I called the U Village anthro, and they do have the Changing Canopy Dress in a size 0. It's on hold for me until tomorrow. But, do you think this would hit second cut? Online there are 23 more size 0's and 43 size 2's in stock... hmmm decisions!

Ok back to debugging my experiment for Monday!


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Matt said...

Super cute!! A skirt and a wide belt would totally rock with that top! Ginormous is an awesome word too, and your poses are awesome! I think I would enjoy trying the over sized blouse look too, but uh, size 18 is not definitely not over sized for me. (The wonders of having nothing in my pictures to compare scale). I really appreciated your comment on my post today too! :)

Lori said...

@Matt omg you totally reminded me that I meant to say 'ginormous for me' at some point! hehe, i didn't know if ppl would think I was weird for the kiss pose at the end, lol

Matt said...

Hehe, I just thought it was super funny to read the sizing. I totally don't get offended about sizing ever. (Not that I can look at the straight size section of Maurices without regret...) And your version of the kiss pose is SOOO much better than mine. Oh yeah, good luck debugging your study! :)

Lori said...

@Matt thanks. I need it. The javascript is SO not working right now. But I can't tell if it's actually due to something with the school server...

Elaine said...

You could totally take that in and work it! For $2 why not??

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

vintageglam1234 said...

Hey Lori, $2!! you're kidding me.
You pull it off really well, which is hard for some (like me)!
How can you find out how many items are left in your size online? or do you need to ring customer service?
Oh and that close up shot of you is hilarious!! you certainly are confident and ready enough to have your close up!

Margaret said...

oh my goodness! that blouse is amazing
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx


very nice blog!
pass to mine and follow !
kisses francesca

Jess said...

Oh you can totally pull it off in that outfit :D what a great deal too! I wish we had a goodwill here. We have value village but it is not the same.

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

I think you look great in the blouse, Lori. It is drapey enough that it still accents your smaller frame rather nicely.

I wore an equestrian-inspired outfit on Saturday and thought of you : )

Lori said...

@Elaine I know, totally worth trying for $2. And looking at these photos, I think taking it in a bit will make this shirt work better on me. I can still get a blousy/oversized effect, but maybe not go too overboard :)

@vintageglammz omg, I just found out how to do this from another anthro blogger not long ago. If you add the item you're looking at to your cart, and then edit the cart item to have 99 of those items, it will shrink the number in your cart to the available number of that item in your size. So I entered that I wanted 99 changing canopy dresses, and it readjusted itself to 23 of that dress in a size 0. It's so helpful for guessing if an item will make it to sale, etc.

@Margaret Thanks so much! I just popped over to your bloggy and added it to my reader! You've got some awesome style!!

@Francesca Thanks!

@Jess I haven't been to Value Village enough to compare. I know they have some around Seattle. I go to Goodwill because it's close, and they have a lot of turnover. What are the major differences between VV and GW?

@Jamie aww! I literally 'awwed' outloud when I read your comment about thinking of me when you wore your equestrian outfit. You can ask my husband. He heard it!

Anjali said...

Super late comment, but I just wanted to say this outfit looks amazing on you! I could never in my wildest dreams pull off the oversized shirt look, but you went for it and it looks *awesome* :)

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