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Sunday, October 10, 2010

rainy Sunday OOTD

Man, the rain here in Seattle has been pounding for two days! It finally let up early this afternoon, so I snuck outside to take some pics (I still bagged my camera though). I'm pretty much kicking it at home today working on some data, writing, and trying to get my hubby to make me or buy me some pie. Yah! That's right, PIE!! We were at Costco yesterday, and they had these HUGE pumpkin pies for $5.99! But Ev thought I was crazy for wanting one. And, it's true, getting a pie that big would be a bit ridiculous for the two of us. But, I've been wanting pie ever since. So his duty today is to find me/make me some pie. :)

So I finally broke down and bought that big-pocketed H&M skirt that Lisa, Rosa, and Spiffy have been sporting on their blogs. I really really wanted it in navy, but the UVillage location didn't have it in XS. I probably should have gotten it in black or olive since my wardrobe needs those colors more than khaki. But, I couldn't help myself.

ohmygoodness. I love these big pockets. I really love pockets in all skirts and dresses. My hands are usually always cold, so pockets help keep my digits from their numbing tendencies. But, these pockets are even better than most pockets. Obviously, they're bigger. I can shove my whole hands and then some into my pockets (see first pic). Also having them straight down on the front of the skirt makes the pockets super easy access! And the big floppy fabric of these pockets are ridiculously inviting for hand-stuffage. Yes, this skirt is on my AWESOME-list (I don't really have a list, but if I did, this skirt would be on it).

oh, and it's raining again.

OOTD Specs
H&M big pocketed skirt sz XS
Gap dark chambray? button-up sz XS (thrifted $2.40)
Anthropologie Tellicherry Belt (sale $15)
Brown suede Zara ankle booties (thrifted $7)


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Matt said...

Haha, good luck on your quest for pie! I hate it when places only sale a ridiculous portion size! Anyway, that outfit is super cute! The skirt is great, and khaki is a useful color! But oh my gosh, those booties seriously rock! I don't have any booties, if you can believe it, but I've started thinking I want a pair, and this pair is great! Have a great afternoon! :)

Unknown said...

I am a totally new follower and LOVE your sense of style!!! keep it up sister!

Cindi said...

We just bought a whole pie the other day...from central market though and it was 17.99!!! When I saw the receipt it almost took my breath away. Haha...but it was good.

I just love that shirt on you! It matches so well with your new belt. It's rainy out and I'm lounging at home doing some "decorating". :)

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Yay, another pocket skirt devotee! You look fab in yours - and your waist is so tiny!!!!

I love Costco - their food is awesome. Mm, mm, roast chicken and those mixed berry smoothies!!!!

Elaine said...

Love the black and tan together! One of my favorite color combos.

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute look!

vintageglam1234 said...

LOVE The skirt Lori. Actually, i love the whole combo! I wish i wish there was a H&M store here in oz.
Whole Pie for under $6? that's amazing. I've never had pumpkin pie before - im guessing it's just pumpkin pieces wrapped in pastrY?

Lori said...

@Matt it worked! I got my husband to make pie! Well, I made the crust, but he finished off the pie making while I worked. Yay for awesome significant others! You should totally get a pair of booties! I love these ones. I also wear these when I wear my skinny jeans. They're pretty versatile!

@Kel Welcome! Thanks so much!

@Cindi I love Central Markets. We used to go to the Greenwood one, the Ballard one, and the one up north on/off of Aurora when we lived up in Phinney. We miss having those stores nearby! I'm glad it was good pie! lol, what's "decorating?" It was def a good day to stay inside!

@Lisa I know! Given how much I love this skirt, I can't believe it took me so long to get it! Costco rotisserie chickens are soooo good! We get them, eat the chicken and then make congee with what's left over. YUM!

@Elaine it's a good favorite. So classic and easy!

@theanthropologieconnoisseur thanks so much!

@vintageglammz thanks Jen! Costco has pretty amazing deals. You just have to be prepared to eat/store a lot! But, WOW. They don't have pumpkin pie in Australia? how about sweet potato pie (a very similar pie, just made with sweet potatoes instead of pumpkin)? Pumpkin pie is basically a normal pie crust bottom (no top crust) and the pumpkin is cooked, pureed with cream and sugar and spices to make a pumpkin custard filling for the pie. It's typically served at Thanksgiving and other Fall/Winter occasions here in the US.

Jess said...

Yum pumpkin pie! I think you should have gone for the costco pie anyways lol. Love love the pockets, I am a pocket fiend as well. Hmmm...where do you do your thrifting in Seattle? I am spending more and more time down there, so curious to know.

Melissa said...

That skirt is utterly amazing!!! I adore those booties too. I'm so jealous.

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

The Tellicherry belt looks even cuter on you than it does in the stock pictures. I am having serious belt envy right now! AND this skirt looks so fab on everyone who wears it. I tried a similar one from Lulus, and it was a disaster. The pockers were fake -- not that they didn't have openings, but the bottoms were not sewn close! Not good at all for hand-stuffage (love the phrase!).

I hope you were able to get some pie -- I am looking forward to making apple pie...soon!

Kayla Rochelle said...

I love that skirt on you! I also love skirts with pockets, and this one is just perfect! This looks like a great rainy day outfit!

eek said...

Great skirt purchase...I think I love the big pockets too :)

LilMissSeamstress said...

Hi Lori,

You look great, stylish with such a laid-back look!

franki said...

This is such a cute outfit - love the shirt, love the skirt, love the belt! Love it! x

Lori said...

@Melissa @Kayla @eek @LilMissSeamstress @Franki Thank you all for your sweet comments!

@Jess I thrift for the most part at the Goodwill in the International District (off of Dearborn). It is the closest thrift to my house, but it also is the biggest GW, I think, in the area. It has SO much turnover, so I can go week to week and find a ton of new stuff.

@Jamie Fake pockets?! What an abomination! My cold hands would riot. It kinda sounds like the pockets were sewn upside-down...maybe poor QC?

SRP said...

love these skirts, I really can't get enough of them! and those booties are perfect!

Anjali said...

The dark chambray shirt looks so wonderful on you. And I love these outdoor pictures. Your lighting is amazing here!

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