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Monday, October 25, 2010

wow pink pants OOTD

I admit I get distracted by brands/labels when I see them out thrifting. I generally tell myself not to. I remind myself, that what matters most is if an item fits, is flattering, and works with my wardrobe/style. And, generally I'm pretty good. For example, I put back that Burberry coat I found at Goodwill because I was basically swimming in it (i.e. too large). I've come across Anthro stuff and brand new Seychelles shoes that were left behind as well. They were passed over when I decided they were not my style or they were too big for me.

But I came across these pink pants by Nanette Lepore in my size, and I didn't follow my rules. My thought process was:
1) Squeeeeee! Omg I love Nanette Lepore!
2) Nanette Lepore made these pants.
3) Therefore, I must love these pants.

lol, like a twisted fashion version of Heiders's balance theory.

ok, well I sort of followed my rules. The pants certainly fit and are a decently flattering cut. But does the pink stripey pant look fit in with my wardrobe and style? I don't know. It's not that I'm afraid of color (I was actually looking for bright red pants, lol). Maybe it's the bright color combined with the widely spaced stripes and wide-ish leg bottoms?

Either way, I decided to take it as a challenge, to see if I could figure out different ways to wear these... Of course my first inclination was to go a bit punk and pair it with black (hence the black buffalo check). But I'm interested in seeing if I can make these feel a bit more chic than punk. We'll see. At least I'm wearing pink for October :) Any suggestions? Or do y'all hate 'em?

By the way, it's been wicked storming in Seattle the past few days - but awesomely so - with crazy strong winds knocking things around. It made snapping these few shots a bit of a bugger. But, I have some wind shots to send to Lisa for her outtakes post next week. Funny how some girls look great with the wind blowing through their hair... whereas I just look like an alien, lol.

OOTD Specs
F21 buffalo check button up shirt sz M
(thrifted $4)
Nanette Lepore pink striped pants sz 4 (thrifted $4.80)
Old navy grey tweed coat sz S (thrifted $6.40)
black socks
black Fioni rosette pumps (thrifted $6)

Budz didn't make a guest appearance this morning since I'm WFH until my afternoon meetings and he's inside. But since Asha is always jealous of the attention he gets (no really, she tries to shove herself between me and Buddie when I pet him), I figured I'd give her a little blog love. Here she is on my chest in bed this weekend. Normally she sleeps on Evan's chest because I tend to toss and turn when I sleep. But, Saturday morning, there she was on my chest when I woke up!


Kathleen said...

I am exactly the same way when it comes to stuff on sale. Just this weekend I was in Loft and found skinny jeans for $9. They were just a bit tight, but I was like, "For $9?!?! though" I managed to talk myself out of buying them but it was touch and go for a minute there.

But for the record, I kind of love those pants with the blazer. They are totally out there, but together they work.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Good to know we all shop the same - I am the same way if I stumble onto something for sale or on Ebay. Thoughts like "is that my style" and "would I really ever wear that" get thrown out of the window and replaced by "but it's on sale!"

I think the pants work well with the tweed - and maybe mix in some dark denim if you want to cas it out a bit?

Elaine said...

Those pants are awesome!! And you are totally working them!!

Jess said...

ohhh coloured pants, I like coloured pants :) They remind me of candy, but in a good way. I think the dark colours work well with them, and in the spring, with some white they will be great too.

Cindi said...

You cat is just so cute and it looks like mine!!! :)

Man if I had your legs, I'd look good in those pants too!!! But you'd still look better than me. I'm so wanting to thrift because of you! Knowing someone can find such items in Seattle is very encouraging. :)

vintageglam1234 said...

HEHEHE!! pink pants! wow, that sure is pink lori! Not sure it it's something i'd wear, but seems like you have the personality to pull it off! im more of a shrinking violet.
If something is on sale, i tend to think about it first. It has to be something i like, and something that fits. My hubby is the opposite. He gets things just cos they are on sale, even if they are two sizes too large! I think he's better now since he married me...hehehe

Matt said...

Those pants are great!! I'm not sure how I would style them, but they definitely rock! The whole outfit is super cute, and I love those shoes!! Yay for splitting up the blog attention between the pets!

LilMissSeamstress said...

I totally understand why Asha gets so jealous! Buddie is just too cute!!!

I admire you on the pink pants!, and I have to agree with you on brand name thrifting dilemma~


Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

I think you did a great job making those pants work with your style. Mixing stripes and checks was a great idea. I wonder how pink would look mixed with either royal blue or mossy green? A little unconventional, but maybe cute. BUT, if you don't like the pants, you can always send them my way ; 0. Too bad we're nowhere near the same size!

erica said...

wow what a fancy outfit! Loving it!

erica said...

wow what a fancy outfit! Loving it!

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