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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thank you all & Betsey Johnson Swag Giveaway

First of all, I just wanted to say how touched I am by the kindness and helpfulness of the fashion blogging community. The fashion bloggers and readers I have met have all been amazingly kind and thoughtful!

After yesterday's post, Debbie (of the Dark Horse - and a fellow fashionable academic!) let me know that she had just seen the Precious Materials Cardigan at Albuquerque's Anthropologie! I called this morning and they're shipping one to me. They were very impressed when I told them a lovely reader of my blog let me know they had the cardigan so I could get it shipped to Seattle! If you are still looking for this cardi too, they said they have an XS (and maybe another S).


Ok, so now for y'all, I'm having another giveaway! I know it's crazy soon since my last one, but do you remember my Betsey Johnson post? Well, what I didn't show you was this:

We all got a swag bag! As fun as this is, I actually can't use a lot of the stuff (I've got sensitive skin so the fragranced lotion won't work for me, and I don't use mascara, etc). So I wanted to pass this along to one of you!

Here's what was in the bag:

1. Betsey Johnson flowered zippered pouch
2. A sample of Benefit Cosmetic's Bad Gal Lash mascara
3. A small bottle (.25 oz) of Julep's nail polish in 'Samantha' (I assume Samantha from Sex in the city?)
4. A magnetic mirrored eyeshadow palette compact from Von Reuss cosmestics (colors: Old Money, Amatista, Esmerelda, Sapphira) for their upcoming 2011 line. Since this isn't out yet, you could even do a product review in a post! How fun would that be? I tried to get a shot of the colors, but there's a gold, pinkish/purple, navy/blue, and green (all shimmery-sparkly)
5. One large tube (6.7 oz) of Betsey Johnson Body Lotion
6. The black swag shoulder tote with lipstick mark and 'xox Betsey'

To make it extra fun, I'm going to throw in a $25 gift card to Anthropologie! I hadn't been planning to do my next giveaway until my 1000th post, but heck, let's just go for it. :)

Here's how to enter:

~ Be a follower of Lorispeak either though google friend connect, or whatever blog reader you use
~ Leave a comment letting me know
1) you're a follower
2) something you'd like to know about me or a post idea you'd like to see on this blog
3) give me a way I can contact you if you win
~ get an extra entry by blogging about the contest and posting an additional comment with the link to your blog post.
~ I will use to select the winner from the comments
~ Giveaway will end Wednesday, October 27, 2010 at 11:59pm PST.

Thanks and good luck!


LC said...

I don't enter giveaways much but this one is really cute! Love Betsey! I'm a follower. : )

meeyeehere said...

I got so lost in the picture with the shoes.I froze and starred for a while.AHH,It was nice.
I am a follower on GFC and I have lots of questions but one is do you wear contacts??Thats weird but I want to know.Also,Who is the one actor that you might consider drinking the bath water of??Thanks a bunch,I got my fingers crossed.

erica said...

First of all... how exciting getting to meet Betsey Johnson. She is my idol. So I had to check out your post! Fab pictures and such a cute post of you with Betsey. Secondly I NEVER ever enter giveaways but it's Betsey and I would love to win this amazing swag bag. I of course follower your fabulous blog.

fashionmeetsfood [at] yahoo

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Thanks for the fabulous and super-generous giveaway - you know I follow!


Cindy said...

I follow you on my Google Reader (:

I'd like to know how you appear so comfortable in front of the camera! You look like you have a blast getting your picture taken, whereas I completely stiffen up. I read your last post about taking pictures out and about where people can see, and yet you still look great!

Thanks for the amazing giveaway opportunity!

--Cindy (cindy at

Meg said...

I'm a follower!

Post idea: How has your style evolved over the last few years?

meghanlynn at gmail dot com

Debbie said...

I'm a follower!

It's so cool that you got to meet Betsey! :-) Thanks for doing this fun giveaway.

Here's what I'd like to know (this might make a good subject for a post even): Who are your style icons? They don't have to be celebrities, just anyone that you get style inspiration from.

Sarah Khalily said...

I follow you on Google Reader. I've been reading your blog for a long time and the change to fashion has been really interesting to me and made me explore a few more fashion blogs. Do you still knit?

thatdamngreendress said...

Been following your blog randomly, but happy to make it more committed now! I love your reviews and outfit stylings. This is not much of a question really, because it's obvious your blog is more self-motivated through your interests(impressive endurance!) but I guess what do you most enjoy about the experience?

vintageglam1234 said...

EEEK Lori, i want that cardi too!!! i need an XS! i didn't see it on the website...eek
I am a follower of your blog, in case you haven't noticed..hehehe.
I hope I can win this time!

Dianna said...

hi Lori! thanks for holding this awesome giveaway. I'm a loyal follower of the blog (love the open mouth pictures!). Something I would love to see you do a post on is your inspiration for outfits. Do you start with an accessory and build the outfit around it? Also what are your inspirations or rules for mixing and matching prints? thanks!

potbelliedpiggie (at) gmail (dot) com

Nassim said...

Hi Lori! I'm a follower. :) I was wondering how do you find your amazing clothes, accessories and even furniture thrifted for such amazing prices? I was scrolling back through your blog and notice an amazing danish modern chair that you salvaged for $15! How often do you check these vintage/thrift stores? I never have any luck finding anything of value...
Oh, and you can contact me at
But I have never been so lucky to win anything....ha!

LilMissSeamstress said...


I follow you!

I would like to know your knowhow on how to take goofy pictures and still look great on it? hehe I just can't resist your goofy pictures~


Meghan said...

Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway! First of all, I am a loyal follower and I am wondering how your ethnicity has shaped your life experiences?


Cindi said...

It's so sweet for you to pass this along to everyone!!! I saw the giveaway you gave to spiffy and how you added in extra Seattle themed items! So sweet! :)

I'm a follower of course and one thing I'd like to know about you is what do you do now to maintain your health and weight loss after you've lost so much?


Unknown said...

Hi Lori, I recently discovered your blog and am now a follower. I want to know how you and your husband met?

Jessica said...

How cool, pick me!! I'd like to know what is your favorite item of clothing to wear and why. And I'm a follower now!

Lorraine said...

I'm a follower!
My question is, what is your favorite item of clothing in your closet right now?

TaraMixandMatch said...

I'm a follower! I'd like to know what kind of dog you have and what is his/her name? (random I know :)

Robin said...

I'm a follower!

My question is- what are you going to be for Halloween?

Robin said...

Also, I posted on my blog here:

Kristina Clemens said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
fawn said...

Oooh la la! I'm following through Google. (Email in profile.) I love it when you get creative with your OOTD shots, so keep those coming. xoxo

Jess said...

What a lovely giveaway! I am a follower for sure :)

I was going to say I would love to see some of your tips for thrifting, but you just posted about that! So please keep that up :)


Nicole Elizabeth said...

I'm a follower via Google Reader.

My question is: What's your favorite thing about living in Seattle? I grew up in Seattle but now live on the East side of the state and miss Seattle so much!

Min said...

1) I'm a follower! google friendconnect
2) you should do like a top 10 of best thrifted finds or different looks with the same pieces.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What a fab giveaway! I big puffy heart Betsey! I'm a follower now! Looooooving your blog. How about a look for less post wherein you find an alternative to the Frye Campus boot. I've been searching for one forever. HA!

Hannah | The Outfit Repeater said...

Well you invited me over to enter, so I thought, why not?

1) I'm following you through Bloglovin'.
2) I just started looking around, so right I'm just figuring all the good stuff your blog has to offer!

Meagan said...

I'm a follower on Google Friend Connect and want to enter! Who can pass up a Betsey Johnson giveaway?

An idea for the blog...How about a thrifting guide on finding vintage items or on determining the age of specific pieces? I loved the shoe thrifing guide!

Susan G said...

I am a follower! :)

If you had to choose only one store that you could shop at for a year, which one would it be?

Kayla Rochelle said...

Oh this is such a fun giveaway! Thanks for hosting!

I follow through my Blogspot reader. And I adore your blog :)

I just love your outfit posts. I'm always getting creative outfit ideas from you!

Kristina Clemens said...

It's funny that someone else would ask if you wear contacts, 'cuz I've wondered...your eyes are such an amazing color! Of course, I'm a follower and Huge fan of everything you do! skclemens1(at)comcast(dot)net
Kristina J.

Peggy said...

Oh, fun giveaway! Thanks! I'm a follower. peghinds(at)
I'd love to see more of your thrift store tip posts!

vintageglam1234 said...

oh no lori,i forgot to mention your comp on my post!! agggghhhhhh! why do i always do this.

Stephanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephanie said...

Thanks for the giveaway... it looks great! I've been following you through Google Reader for a while now, and really enjoy seeing all the outfits you put together.

I love to see all the items you've thrifted. What has been your biggest/ most exciting find?


Tiffany Jen said...

cute blog. i'm a new follower. fingers crossed!

Courtnee said...

I found your blog through Anthroholic(I think) and I'm now a follower:)

Great giveaway.

Laura said...

Hi Lori,

Already a Follower! I am dying to know what your Major is for your PhD.


Teri said...

I'm your newest follower on bloglovin'.

Can you give us your shopping tips?

Unknown said...

I am a follower!

Would love to see a post regarding Boots! I am desperately in need of one but would love for someone to post some good options. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

This is such a cute giveaway! I´m following you on bloglovin´.

Wondering what your PhD work is about?
Times Like Mine

Mandy said...

Awesome awesome giveaway! I am a follower on both blogger and google reader!

My question? If you could only one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, which pair would you choose (you don't have to own them!)?

~ Mandy

Lyzi said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!

I have been reading your blog through Google Reader for a while now, but made my love official by clicking the "Follow" button just now. :)

I would love to see more outfits of yours comprised of great thrifted finds. :)

Me --->

Anonymous said...

I'm now a follower! I love Betsey Johnson :) As for my question, I know this is a fashion blog, and I love fashion, but I'm also going to college for a degree in music performance. So, what types of music do you listen to? Genres, specific artists, guilty pleasures you hate admitting? I'd be interested to know!

Thanks, Hannah

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I blogged about your giveaway here:

Whittie101 said...

Cool giveaway!

I follow via google reader! :)

Something I would like to know...if one were thinking about making a move to the Seattle area (I am) - what would your recommendations be? Are there any areas to live that are better than others?

whittie101 (@) excite (.) com

EtOH said...

I follow your blog on google reader.

You probably mentioned this somewhere, but... what is your degree going to be in? And when are you graduating?

Unknown said...

What a cute giveaway! That swag bag is nice!

I'm a follower.

And as a fellow blogger, I would LOVE more photography and photo editing advice! You could take one of my horrible pictures every week and say what you'd do to fix it! LOL

Swati - The girl who loves colorful clothing said...

I have been following ur blog since quite some time :) .. i would like to know who is ur fav blogger in the blogosphere ....

The girl who loves colorful clothes

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

I would love to win this giveaway. I'm always lusting after Betsey Johnson, but haven't added anything to my collection yet.

Hmm...what would I like to know about you? If you could go to any restaurant, where would it be?

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

I also posted about it last week here:

Thanks so much for this lovely giveaway, Lori!

Michelle said...

I've never tried Betsey Johnson products before but they look great! One question I'd have for you is what your favorite anthro piece you've ever bought :)

thanks for the giveaway!

nguyen.michelle.n at gmail dot com

becky said...

awesome giveaway!
boon1211 at gmail dot com

AutumH said...

New follower!
What I would love to know is how do you balance everything from your schooling to the blog. Being a chaotic person myself, finding any insight to any kind of organizational skills is a blessing for me.
Thank you for the opportunity and looking forward to reading more of your blog.


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