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Monday, October 11, 2010

Here comes that shirt again :) + my dress OOTD

So y'all know I've been wanting to wear "my dress" ever since seeing it on TV. But unwittingly, I created a dilemma for myself by linking back to the last time I wore it. Now it feels a little too blog-recent to do the exact same styling :)

And, it was COLD today (for wimpy little ol' me), so I definitely still needed an outer layer... and boots... and tights. In my tired state this morning, I spied my shirt from yesterday and decided to see whether it would work with this dress. So now you can see the dress and shirt served up two ways.

Wearing the shirt as a belted cardi does hide the cute diagonal pin tucks and ruffled shoulders, but it certainly gives a different look than before. Plus, I figured I could still show off the top of the dress by removing the shirt if I got warm during the day (it did happen, during my lab meeting!).

For some reason the belt and boots look red in the early morning light (they're a reddish brown)...

Here's how I styled the dress before:

and here's the shirt from yesterday:

Oh yeah, and I thought I'd bring some silly back to my photos :)

Today's OOTD Specs
Gap dark chambray? button-up sz XS
(thrifted $2.40)
Maeve's Southward Stop Shirtdress Anthropologie sz 2 (ebay $75)
Nicole Winchester Leather Riding Boots ($100 at DSW)
grey sweater tights ($8)
Reddish brown leather belt (thrifted $2)

Buddie's OOTD
Old Navy Striped Dog Sweater sz M


Meg said...

LOVE those boots and the dress looks adorable on you!

Matt said...

Okay, the dress is super cute!! The whole outfit is super cute, and I love the boots! That dress does have some super cute pin tucking too! I love the jumping shots! And your dog! And the dog has a sweater, how awesome! :)

Cindi said...

I love how you styled the dress this time. Those tights look super comfortable and warm too!

vintageglam1234 said...

Very very creative lori! I love how you are able to recreate a totally new look with this dress using pieces from your wardrobe.
Genius really!
Oh and thanks for advising me how to check how many items are left in your size on the Anthro site - very helpful!

Cindy said...

As someone who wears the same things over and over again all the time, I think it just shows how much you love a piece, and I definitely wouldn't mind if someone else did it occasionally to make myself feel better about doing it :p Super cute pictures and love your style!

Jess said...

Looks great Lori! I really like the boots, they are the perfect shade of brown in my opinion :)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That zig zag belt is so freaking fabulous!

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

What cute styling. You are 100% right that your boots look red in the light. And your jumping shots are perfect. I have tried them a few times, with no such luck. But yours are perfect. And doggie's OOTD is darling!

kara lynn said...

yees. my favorite parts. the boots and the tights. i'm a sucker for the combo.

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

Really great outfits! I love how you show different ways you styled the same pieces!!


Peggy said...

Love your Southward Stop and awesome riding boots! I want that dress so much - can't find it!

Inkmark said...

Love the silliness pictures :-) So much fun! Love the dress too. How come it is not on sale yet?

Jessica said...

Isn't it sad that we bloggers feel that wearing an outfit again is a pity? Haha. I love how you styled this dress in two completely different ways. I wouldn't even have realized it was the same dress!

xxyy said...

you look lovely. Nice dress.xx

LittleMissSeamstress said...

I love all your silly pictures, and I think it's about time for me to re-discover all my tights and socks.. It's getting chilly in here too~

Kayla Rochelle said...

I love your dogs sweater, Enough said there. As for that shirt, that dark denim is amazing! It looks oh so flattering on you and you've got my head racing! I have a lighter denim shirt, but seeing that dark denim on you makes me think that that may be even more versatile!

Lori said...

@Meg @Kara Lynn @PearlsAndGreenTea & @Ara thank you kindly!

@Matt thanks! and my dog has quite a range of outfits. I feel very weird about it actually, because I never saw myself as someone who 'dressed' up a dog, but he gets cold. He's Californian through and through.

@Cindi thanks, I really wasn't sure how it'd turn out, but I was pleased to have it turn out well, lol. I have these tights in grey and black, they're my go to when I'm feeling especially wimpy - well, before I go to leggings or pants anyway.

@vintageglammz I'm so glad it helped. I know once I found out I could do it, it was REALLY fun to look and see which items were being snatched up like hotcakes!

@Cindy & @Jessica I love wearing a piece over and over. I think having the blog has really just pushed me to think of new ways to use the pieces. In the end, I think it's better for me, because I'll have more ways of styling the pieces = more times to get to wear it! (and y'all don't get so bored)

@Peggy & @Inkmark I didn't realize the dress was sold out online already, but there are several on ebay for cheaper than full price right now!

@Jess thanks! I love these boots so much!

@Kristin Thank you! I admit, the belt makes me feel snazzy!

@Jamie I've found that for jumping shots to work, I have to have a lot of light, otherwise my camera shutter speed is too slow and I'm a bluuuur

@Kayla you should totally use your denim top as a topper! I have plans to turn several of my larger button ups into impromptu cardigan-like pieces :)

@LilMissSeamsStress I'm glad people are ok with my silly pics. :) And hooray for tights and socks! They make cold weather more interesting and bearable :)

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