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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

the yarn i've recycled thus far

I've created some pdf files with some recycled yarn tags if people think they'd be useful. For me, it helps organize my recycled yarn and I can keep track of the fiber content as well as what it came from and what I've dyed it with.

long tags (pdf form)- I use these to fold over my twisted skeins

short tags (pdf form) - I wrap these around or pin them to the balls I've made of recycled yarn

This is a pic of what the long tags look like in action:

All this yarn I grabbed from a Large 45%Wool 40%Acrylic 15%Alpaca white sweater. It's about worsted weight, and I've dyed it a variety of colors with Kool-Aid

I frogged most of this sweater last night. It's a handmade 100%Wool sweater with tons of cabling and interesting stitches. You can see the back panel of the sweater there still waiting to be unraveled.

partially unraveld GAP sweater, 40%Mohair, 50% Acrylic, 10%Wool

Some purple acrylic chenille with sparkly thread running through it. I've already used half of the yarn for a scarf, this is what's left.


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