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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Random - U2's Bono has conversation with my uncle Terril

My uncle just sent me this conversation he recently had. I thought it was relatively random/interesting, and thus is here on my bloggity blog blog.

"Small news conference (10-12 reporters) ends. Bono gets off stool and steps forward. Dialog as recorded on my Apple iPod which was taping the conference.

Bono: (inaudible) your shoulder.
TYJono: (misunderstanding, holding up iPod) Yeah, I need a holster for it.
Bono: No, but do you have a shoulder injury (inaudible)?
TYJono: Umm, actually, I did last week. I'm just getting over it.
Bono: Cause I have ... I just pulled my shoulder out last weekend. I noticed you weren't able to turn back to (inaudible) your neck. Have you taken massage for it?
TYJono: Not really. My wife did a little bit.
Bono: I really, really recommend it. I had to go (inaudible) for three sessions. You can't take the pain. But if you don't you'll get -- your leg will go out, you know, because it all starts repairing, and I really ended up -- I just ignored it, and I really made a mistake
TYJono: Yeah, I should. I hurt my whole spine, but I'm better.
Bono. Yeah.

The End.

(I'm such a dip -- I didn't even thank him for asking)"


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