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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Asha and the sink

Asha runs to the bathroom whenever we walk in there now. She REALLY enjoys drinking and playing with the water from the faucet. We turn it on for her just because she has sooo much fun with it.

she has become horribly persistent about drinking my cereal milk in the morning. If I turn around for a second, her head will be dipped down to drink my milk. Even if I pick up the bowl, she tries to follow me to get it.

Ugh, I felt really gross yesterday. Started with a headache, and then a tummy ache followed. This morning there's it's pure malaise.

I did pick up on my hat knitting yesterday. It's going to fit. I need more yarn though. I don't remember seeing this one at Michaels although I know they carry the brand. And the Redwood City Joann's sucks big stinky dick, but going down to San Antonio for a ball of yarn seems excessive when I have work and studying to do.

Roswell has played a couple episodes out of order on SciFi which horribly irritates me.

My sink is scaring me... errr rather its dirty dishes content is the culprit.

I need to search for my absentee ballot, I think I got it in the mail already.

Barf, and I was going to move my GRE subject test to December, because UC berkeley will accept it if you take it then, but UCLA requires that you take it by november. Balls.


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