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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


AshaAndEvan3, originally uploaded by lwu81.

asha has now gotten in the habit of playing with her food. She loves to knock a couple pieces of kibble out of her bowl and bat them around the floor before she chomps down on them!

Paulie came over last night and we played a couple rounds of Carcassonne (this time with river tiles). Regrettably, Paulie won both times :-P

I stopped by St Vincent De Paul yesterday and picked up a nice basket for my yarns, plus a couple of cheap yarns. I FINALLY put in a bid on ebay for the circular needles I need. Actually if I win, it will be a nice bargain indeed. Yay bargains!

Yesterday was also wonderful because I had a GREAT talk with my boss/advisor. We discussed grad schools (and I now know to seriously look at UCSB, UCDavis, and UCSC). We also talked about upcoming research which sounds soooooo sooooo exciting! I can't wait to get involved in a new project!


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