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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

ooh a knitting bloggers cookbook!

ashaClose4, originally uploaded by lwu81.

I was reading my favorite knitting blog Wendy Knits! and there's a fun cookbook being put together by the author of the knitting blog my favorite things. So i sent in ervy and my carnitas fried rice recipe. It's a low key cookbook where she collects the recipes of all the knitting bloggers and prints out copies and mails it to everybody.

Mrs. M's scarf is coming along nicely. I've knitted a dragonfly to place on one end of the scarf. Mrs. M has a thing for dragonflies. This will also be the first scarf that has included some of my beads.

I made myself a few new knitting needles from hardstore dowels. see handmade needles for a quick tutorial. The wood is very soft (poplar), so I don't know that they're gonna be long term needles, but it's a cheap fun way to have more needles in the NOW! I capped the ends of mine with large glass beads, but I'm thinking of casting the ends and doing something fun and personalized. So far I've made needles size 8 (2 pair) and size 11 (2 pair). I have one more dowel that will make 2 pairs of I think size 13 or 15 needles.


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