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Monday, October 11, 2004

Emo girl

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Blah haven't blogged since Thursday. Thursday late afternoon I was asked

"Are you an emo girl?"

oh please. ahem. The comment was apparently invited by my death cab for cutie shirt. I explained that while I do like dcfc, I am not an emo girl.

of course, then I worried that I might not seem like a legitimate fan. With dcfc's rise in popularity, perhaps this young hipsterish kid thought I was 'hopping on the bandwagon.' I only wished I had been wearing my older dcfc shirt from the first concert I had gone to of theirs. Ervy noted that I probably would have seemed even more legitimate had I worn my diy dcfc shirt.

Thursday night we went to see Tragically Hip at the Filmore. Nearly everyone there was Canadian. Those of us who weren't Canadian were brought to the concert by Canadians (ervy's nice boss man bought us tickets to try to bring us into the Canadian cult). Canadian pride was out in full force all night.

I started the scarf for Mrs. M's xmas gift. It's being knit from inside a ziploc bag in an attempt to keep asha fur away from it (Mrs. M is super duper allergic). Anyway, the YARN. It's made from this AWESOME yarn I got from

Ok. I originally saw this yarn like the week it showed up on their website. I was completely annoyed at the yarn being called Geisha, since I couldn't see any reason why it should be so. Were Geishas fuzzy and warm? I caved though (bad lori). I bought the yarn. I'm thinking of buying more. It's so reasonable in price, and I LOVE the way it feels. It's nice and light and fuzzy. Plus, the colors are AMAZING. I got it in Nile Blue (4 balls), Navy (2 balls), and Merlot (2 balls). I'm going to try a sweater with the nile blue balls eventually!

I tried for the second time to knit a hat without a pattern. I suck.

Asha was restless last night. I kept dreaming I had spiders crawling all over me, and then I'd wake up to find asha leaning into my face tickling me with her it whiskers.

Played knights of catan (expansion for settlers) with fu, adam, paulie, and ervy. Very very fun. I really like all the complexities added.

oops long post. bye! Happy Columbus day!


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