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Monday, October 04, 2004

asha Acrobatics

ashaAcrobatics2, originally uploaded by lwu81.

I finally put the door on Asha's litterbox. Then I had anxiety all night, wondering whether she would be okay using it or if she would find some destructive/disgusting way to relieve herself elsewhere. Thankfully, I heard her use her litterbox 2 times this morning, so I know she's okay on that front.

Did this weekend:

- made a quick long fall scarf in a cheap cranberry colored yarn (the long fringe makes me happy)

- ate at Chef Liu's (new Chinese place on Castro St., mighty tasty and highly recommended). I had a big bowl of tendon noodle soup, and I sneaked bits of evan's soup over to mine.

- my parents came over to see my apartment. They were mighty impressed (yay!). My dad and brother chased Asha under the couch. My brother wore a pink polo shirt. My mom broke her glasses.

- I made fudge. It's still too soft for my liking, and I didn't have any nuts to put in :(

- Played settlers, Hell, and Carcassone (sp??), and Donkey Konga

- Christened the new Starbucks that opened up in an amazingly short amount of time. Paulie, ervy and I all drink Americanos

- Worked on narrowing down grad schools to apply to


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