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Thursday, October 14, 2004


ashaCouch, originally uploaded by lwu81.

i'm so sleepy. asha kept waking me up last night. for some reason she was especially needy. She'd stick her face in my face. She'd lick my face. She'd kneed me. She even sat on my face.

she especially liked to stick her head in my hand and bump it until i scratched her cheeks or chin.

On the grad school front, I've narrowed my schools down to 8, which is a very good number. In fact, it's lucky.

I caved yesterday and I bought this:

huh? you ask? wtf is that?

blah, I'm trying to learn how to spin with a drop spindle (that's the wooden thing in the picture). The lump next to the spindle is dyed wool. I've been remarkably attracted to handspun yarns, and I would love to give spinning a go to support my growing yarn addiction.

if you want to see how GORGEOUS handspun yarn can be, check out this link. Gah! they're beautiful. but most handspun yarns prolly won't come out quite as nice as these ones from amazing spinning artists!

well, we'll see if i can spin at all. I tried something like this for a couple seconds at an indian reservation a LONG time ago, and i failed. i'm hoping with more time and practice, i can make some yarnage.


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