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Friday, September 03, 2004

Yay got kitty!

I finally have a kitty. Her name is Asha. She's currently in the bathroom hiding out in a tent I made. I'm letting her rest a bit now, but I'll take mucho photos later!

for now, here's a photo of her from the PAHS website:

She is so tiny! They estimate that she is between 4-5 months. And she has cute little spots along her body. Although currently she has been seeking the darkest places to hide and sleep, when I picked her up earlier, she immediately started purring. She doesn't have a problem being held on her back, and she's great about getting her nails trimmed (it only takes one person! I saw!).

The foster mommy said she thinks Asha is part Siamese because of the way she meows. I have never heard anything about that, but I do look forward to hearing her meow.

I've bought her a scratching post, kind of like this one except the triangle isn't a right triangle, and the green is a sage green.

I also got her a panic mouse, because I saw how much Evan's boss's cats enjoyed it.

more kitty talk to come... :)


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