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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

asha on my GRE book

ashaGRE, originally uploaded by lwu81.

Yesterday while studying for the GRE, Asha kept trying to nap on top of the very book I was studying from. She really enjoyed plopping herself down across the two pages, obscuring my view completely.

She also really really likes to wrap herself around one of my balls of yarn while I'm knitting, making it impossible to knit further.

Speaking of knitting, I've got three scarves on the needles right now (one is from a month or two ago). I'm knitting a ribbed scarf with one of the skeins of koolaid dyed yarn. I really really like how the colors have patterned out. I intend to take a picture of it soon!

I had really wanted to start this kitty hat here with this yarn, but I need to buy a shorter set of circular needles. If I finish this GRE book today, I may reward myself with some new needles.


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