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Monday, September 27, 2004

asha gets in trouble

Saturday when I woke up and wandered out of the bedroom I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was seeing clearly. I called to ervy to come see what asha had done.

I had left my knitting on the couch, with half of the scarf already knitted on the needles. Asha must have had fun with one of the balls of yarn that was connected to my scarf. There was yarn wrapped around the buffet table, the hall way, through the kitchen, around the fridge and back! I was quite amused, and didn't even mind that I had to cut through it (it became knotted when i unwound it) and re tie the yarn to the incomplete scarf.

in other news, asha gave us a scare yesterday. Sunday morning I noticed Asha was rubbing her paw along the left side of her jaw repeatedly. I figured she might have gotten a hair or something caught in her mouth. Evan took a look but didn't see anything. In the afternoon I noticed again that she continued to do this. So I held asha down while evan peered into her mouth with a flashlight. He reported that her gums on the left were swollen and slightly bleeding. When we let her go, she curled up in evan's lap, but something fell out of her mouth. I recoiled utterly grossed out. One of her teeth had fallen out into evan's lap. EEEEEEeeeewww! I picked it up and put it on a napkin, and we called adobe animal hospital to make an appointment for that afternoon. The nurse on staff calmed us down, and told us that it was normal for kittens asha's age to loose teeth as their adult ones came in, and that we should expect her to have sore gums with a little light bleeding. Ugh.

At least I know she's alright, she stopped doing her jaw rubbing thing, so I guess that molar was really bothering her. I still think it's really gross for some reason. The tooth looks really weird too, because it's one of the back ones, it's not as pointy as I would have expected.

um. ok i'm grossed out again.


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