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Friday, September 10, 2004

Asha... she's a fast one

ashablurSm, originally uploaded by lwu81.

She's been trying to get into the living room and our bedroom when we aren't looking or we forget to close the door very well. Or if she isn't trying, she's sitting there moping looking at the bedroom door.

Ervy felt bad and let her into the bedroom for a little while. She was so super excited. She just started jumping around the room! and then she came and pounce fiercely on my comforter-covered toes! All her excitement just made it all the sadder when she had to be put out of the room again.

Today, she discovered my slippers. I had just slipped them off my feet, so they were still warm. Trying to figure out where this warm cavern went (could it be another fantastic hiding spot for Asha?), she tried to squeeze into my slippers. It was quite amusing. She only got her head and shoulders in, but she was searching for a way to get more of her into my fuzzy footwear.

And of course, while I wasn't looking today, she jumped up and had some of my soy milk from my cereal bowl. silly asha!

This pic amuses me. Most of the time, she can't sit still for photos. Just a simple head turn and the photo is blurry. I think she taunts the camera. Lucky for her, the camera is out of batteries and possibly broken now.


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