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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Asha plays with dice

ashadice, originally uploaded by lwu81.

Asha met Skeeter the night before last. I made sure ervy petted asha a lot while i was holding skeeter so she didn't get jealous. She was very interested in skeeter (perhaps a little too interested?) and she'd sniff him and lick him, but when he came toward her to sniff her, she would back away or jump off the couch!

I think she knows her name now though. I can call "asha" and if she isn't sleeping too soundly or distracted by something in the window or frightened, she'll come running up to me. Today, she heard me get out of bed (creaky floor boards must have given me away), and before I'd even opened the door, I heard her run up to the bedroom door and start meowing for love.

I scheduled her a vet appt at the Woodside Vet clinic that Skye goes to. Apparently, I "missed my window of opportunity" as the receptionist said so snidely (she really did, it was quite obnoxious). Apparently to get the free vet visit you have to take your adopted pet into the vet within 7 days. Fuck, if I'd known that I wouldn't have waited. We haven't even had her 2 weeks yet! grr.. so now it's $52.50. that's not too much... but it's not free. sheesh.
but i want to establish a relationship with a vet anyway.

haha btw, i think asha now has my last name. the receptionist asked me what my last name was and listed it under asha... should I bother changing it?


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