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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

asha yawns

ashayawn, originally uploaded by lwu81.

It's official. Asha can open our bedroom door. Like a little alarm clock, I heard our bedroom door open at 7am today. No meowing or anything. She knew she didn't have to whine to get in. Little rascal. She was so confident in her abilities that she strolled out of the room after a couple minutes. I of course shut the door behind her.
We stuck a backpack in front of the door to block her entry back in. This time it took Asha 5 tries before she put enough weight against the door to move the door and the backpack.

Smart kitty.

Persistent kitty.

Apparently after I left, ervy moved the nightstand in front of the door, and Asha spent 20 minutes (without a break)just trying to get into the room. He finally let her in. She's probably lounging under the covers now while we're both at work.


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