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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

caught at the bottom of the bed

bottomofbed, originally uploaded by lwu81.

Blah, now that i've spent my loads of money on gre tests, I really need to go turn in my pay forms for work. I just need to decide if I want to bill all of my hours on this pay period or spread it out a bit.

My boss in the psych dept gave me a $60 gift card to LaBelle Day Spa for working so hard on the conference. I've never been to a spa, so this should be rather interesting. seaweed wrap anyone?

last night there was a big hulabaloo outside paulie's apt. I was watching Daria while people outside on the street were screaming. Paulie filled me in. Apparently, some guy had hit a police car and just jetted out of his car. Suddenly we had about 12 cop cars circling our block area trying to find this escapee. They even called in a helicopter which loudly circled overhead for a very long time. oh the excitement.

oh and there was an amusing moment where ming, evan, and i were waiting for the caltrain.


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