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Friday, September 17, 2004

Boo! AHHH!!!

ashaspooky, originally uploaded by lwu81.

Asha was acting all freaky yesterday, we think this was due to some catnip toys which we have now taken away from her. It makes her all jumpy and crazy.

Asha went to the vet today to meet Dr. Sophia. My kitty hated the car ride and meowed the whole trip (even through the vet visit). She certainly didn't like getting her temperature taken.

I did get her microchipped while I was there which was good. Even though the PAHS rep I got her from told me not to give her a rabies shot (can cause cancer in cats), my doctor told me that it's mandatory for cats in San Mateo County to have a rabies vaccine. So I'll call back in a few months to get her vaccinated (they may be adopting a new sort of vaccination that may not cause cancer).

in other asha news, my mom tried to make me feel bad about getting a cat... saying they take up too much time. She was annoyed that I even had to take her to the vet. boo mom.


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